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I have to say thank you to ThunderSS
for helping me finally get on this forum….
I’ve been pe-ing for about a month…I noticed flaccid gains and girth gains almost a week in…I was kinda surprised that i saw gains so fast considering alot of the posts I have read with ppl complaining about no gains.
I have a hypothesis: I’m a Gym Junkie so naturally I take whey protein and glutimine, as food for my muscles…pe is on the same basis as going to the gym…breaking tissue and repairing, well isn’t it a fact that in order for tissue to rebuild it requires protien…so if you guys tried taking extra amounts of protein that my help with tissue growth and permanent gains.
not sure if this is true, but It’s a thought!

i was just wondering if anyone els has had the same experience as me, with supplements….

I was wondering if anyone knew of a great supplement for blood flow to your cock that is easily purchased at a nutrition store?

Pls. reply if anyone has insite on any of these questions.

first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:

Hey There

I take whey protein for the same reasons you are mentioning, PE tissue repair as well as weightlifting.

There are a number of circulation enhancers so look in the Health/Supplements forum and hit a search for some products.


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