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Supersetting exercizes?

Supersetting exercizes?

Hiya fellas, this is my first post here at Thunder’s Place, but I’ve been frequenting other boards for a little over a month now and I’m curious to get your take on the way I perform my routine.

I’ve noticed that most persons go through one exercize at a time, completing all of the reps and sets for that particular exercize before moving onto the next (whether it be for length or girth). I’ve taken a different approach with my routines and decided to superset all of my exercizes together… In my opinion this serves to shock the penis on a consistant basis, allowing a person to stick with a particular routine for a longer period of time.

For instance, my length exercizes include: DLD Blasters, “bundled” DLD Blasters, JAI stretches, and standard multi-directional stretching for approximately 30 seconds in each direction. Instead of picking one exercize, we’ll say JAI stretches just to use an example, and doing all of my reps and sets, I prefer to do randomized sets of each exercize in no particular order. As I stated above, I believe this will serve to shock my penis into more growth than I’d experience if I went about things in the “traditional” manner.

I’d love to get some feedback from some of the more experienced PE’ers who have maybe tried a routine made up entirely of supersets that way I know if I’m working in the right direction. Thanks in advance.


oopapercutoo, I do super-sets for my girth exercises with very good success. I have never tried it with my stretching routine. Have you had any success with super-sets for length>

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Along with DLD, I do it for girth and know for a fact that my dick responds better. For some reason, I don’t think this is the case with stretching. Ligaments don’t respond the same way that the tunica and CC do.

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I do all of my length exercises supersetted (random) like you. I find it hits the ligs/tunica in one contstant shock (as you’ve said) and I hope it is more effective.

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I wanted to say one other thing but I did not have the time before. With girth exercises super-sets mentally work. I can keep focused on the exercise to exercise routine. But with length I need to really concentrate on a single exercise. Stretching for me takes alot more mental focus than girth. Does that make any sense?

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Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
I wanted to say one other thing but I did not have the time before. With girth exercises super-sets mentally work. I can keep focused on the exercise to exercise routine. But with length I need to really concentrate on a single exercise. Stretching for me takes alot more mental focus than girth. Does that make any sense?

Makes sense ! I’m PEing while watching movies but when I come to the part of stretching, sometimes I’ll have to reward it a bit… But when jelquing, I can keep a good erection and watch the movie easily

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What would be a superset girth routine? How would you put a routine together?

I’ve only been PE’ing for a little over a month now. My progress was hampered in the beginning by a very hectic schedule that included college and all of the homework that went along with that and baseball and all of the time-consuming activities that it entailed. Fortunately, I’m out of school for the summer and for the past week I’ve been able to really up the intensity of my PE routine… I measured yesterday, and I’ve already gained 1/4” girth, and approximately 1/16” length. So I would wager to say that yes, supersetting my routine is working for me (although it might not work quite as well for some others, it depends on the person I suppose).

I’m just hoping that the gains I’ve experienced thus far continue along the same ratio, with me gaining girth more easily than length. I’m sitting at a bit over 7” erect length right now, but only 5” erect girth…so between the two I’d really prefer to acquire a definate gain in girth. Wish me luck, and I’ll continue to do the same for all of you.

P.S. those of you looking for a good multi-vitamin, check my post in the supplements section about a great multi that I happened across a few days ago.


I supersetted length and girth exercises this month and finally broke my plateau. I picked up some length, and more importantly, girth (at the base mostly). I had been in a rut for several months.

My routine was a combination of fulcrum hanging (didn’t get in many sessions this month - probably 7 or 8) and stretch/jelq/bend supersets.

I think the hanging contributed. It may have even been a key factor. However, it’s a rare month indeed that I gain length and girth. Hell, a girth gain itself is worthy of great celebration. The only thing I did different was an unorthodox superset routine, which goes something like this:

First, hang if I’m going to. Then:

Stretch 1-5 minutes (mostly fulcrum stretching)
Dry jelq with 50%-80% erection, increasing to 100% toward the end (1-5 minutes)
Erect bends right and left a few times each way (maybe 2-3 minutes)
A few more jelqs (maybe 10-20 per hand)

Then pull up my shorts and forget about PE for 3-10 minutes. (All times are guestimates.) Let erection completely subside. Repeat the stretch/jelq/bend/rest sequence several times. I don’t understand why, but I get better expansion with short breaks than if I jelq or squeeze continuously.

Frequency varied. I stopped writing down every bit of PE I do, which mentally freed me to do a little here and there throughout the day. Once a day, twice, three times…whatever. I mixed it up. Same with days on/off.

While this grew my dick, my bad vein doesn’t care for hard jelqing after hanging (or even stretching). I’ve been fighting it all month. It’s clotted again now. Just wanted to warn that this routine may be somewhat rougher on veins than others.

Supersetting length and girth exercises may be the trick to locking in the elusive temporary length gain I get once in a blue moon from squeezing. There is something to the “blow it up and then stretch it out” plan. Repeatedly alternating the two seems to work the tunica very well.

Best of luck with continued gains, oopapercutoo. :)

I’m glad to hear it worked for ya, hobby. However you do your superset differently then I perform mine. With me, I have two seperate supersets, one for length, then I take a SHORT break to allow fresh blood to pump into my penis, and after that I begin my girth superset. It works quite well for me, at least it has thus far. Another bonus is that, for me at least, it gives me a far more proficient workout in the hour of supersetting then I could attain without it, in my opinion.

Likewise, best of luck to you on your continue gains… I might have to look into that free 1/4” you mentioned in your signature. :-)

hasta la vista, baby,

Would supersetting on a regular basis (every day) be detremental in the long run? That’s what I’m doing now, supersetting uli’s with horses throughout my jelq session, so I guess I’ll know if I’m doing too much. Right now it seems to be working…

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I’m no expert, nor do I pretend to be, but I wouldn’t see how it could possibly be detrimental to your gains. In my opinion, it can do nothing but help them. The only possible thing you should be wary of is overworking your penis, as that will definately hamper your gains. But as long as you’re not overworking it, then I say superset away! <—that rhymed :-)


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