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sun flower oil for jelqing?

sun flower oil for jelqing?

I heard about jelqing with olive oil which was no problem.

What about sun flower oil?

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Olive oil has a long history of being good for the skin and scalp. Not sure if the same is true for sunflower oil, but it’s not going to hurt you.

I thought about using olive oil too.I did try coco butter a while ago and it was great.

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I imagine that most oils would allow you to wet jelq, but with respect to sunflower oil, I wouldn’t personally want to smell like something I was about to cook.

Silicon based lubricants rule………..

Olive oil is good for the skin, an I would stop there.

Sunflower oil has no benefits, so just stick with olive.

My favorite is macadamia oil. Also great for sex…it tastes and smells great.

The sunflower oil works great!

It doesn’t dry up like most lubricants, so you don’t have to put on more while jelqing.

Just put some on your dick and hands before the session and your done.

Sunflower oil is at least ten time’s cheaper than other lubricants like nivea I used.

In quantity i’t’s not much but all the little things added will make you save a lot.

After the session and a day later I experienced no problems.

You just have to take it easy with the oil so yo don’t make any stings.

Just put on that amount so it can’t drip off.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

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I used olive oil for sex before. But I was smoking lots of weed at the time, and in retrospect, a lot of the things I did during that time were nuts.

Until now, I put the olive oil for sex thing in that category. Hearing that others have done it, I might have to re-think that - or conclude that we are all equally nuts..

I was incredibly high all the time then, why are you guys doing it? :D

Originally Posted by Tivase
I used olive oil for sex before.

Did you use ‘Extra Virgin’ or normal grade.

I think it was extra virgin?

Is there a difference for sex? :)

Well , Sunflower oil is high in Vitamin E , and we all know that is a good thing for skin and skin trauma , so as long as it has a nice ” glide ” to it , why not , right ?

Though if I were you , I would try and use a cold pressed version , as most commercial oils are extracted using solvents like hexane , which I for one do not want to be rubbing into my cock on a daily basis .

Coconut oil works very well , and it makes your cock taste yummy , or so my girl friend tells me !

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