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Suggestions for routine

Suggestions for routine

Hi I’ve been doing PE on and off for a few years, privacy issues being the main reason I had consistency problems. Now that is not the case. I’ve gone from a 5.9” length to a 6.6” length and 4.25” girth to a 5.5” girth in the time I’ve done exercises. I’m happy with my girth for the time being, 6” being my ultimate goal. What I’ve been looking for is ways to gain more length.

I read the LOT theory and was very interested. I found that my pullback stopped at 6, meaning my ligament gains have probably been tapped out long ago, which could explain why I haven’t gained length at the same rate I’ve gained girth.

So from reading the threads I’ve gathered that I need to stretch the tunica to gain length and not the ligaments, meaning I need to stretch at upward angles which takes the pressure off of the ligaments.

Any suggestions on how to really crank up the length keeping in mind that my LOT is a 6 already? Anything would be helpful. Right now I do 4-5 days a week, warmup then 20 minutes of manual stretching at upward angles and then 20 minutes of jelqing at upward angles. Not much improvement in length but I have the time and privacy to do some good work I just don’t have the knowledge or direction right now. Thanks everyone.

Hi ko,

the LOT theory is not that popular lately. If you do thing that hitting the tunica is the best approach, then doing fulcrum stretches (‘A’ and ‘V’ stretches, regular or inverted) is the way to go.

Anyway, if your previous regimen gave you gains, the best thing to do would be sticking with it, just trying to be more consistent.

Hey thanks for the advice, I’m not quite sure what fulcrum stretching is though I can imagine I just wouldn’t want to do it incorrectly. The thing is, I haven’t really had length gains in a while. I’m patient and will stick with what I’m doing but if any one has had length success I’d be willing to try different ways to go about it.

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