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Suggested new measuring method: vertical ruler


From my pics you can see I am a “vertical or on edge” ruler guy.

I have definitely noticed I can get bigger numbers by measuring with an erection that hangs below the 90 degree line. I believe this is due to my ligs getting stretched out.

I am going to rely on standing, back straight, dick parallel to floor, same camera angle perpendicular to shaft and camera at shaft height.

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What about measuring starting from the anus, pushing scrotum aside?

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
..(omissis)…. those lig gains don’t usually correspond to anything insertable into another’s body, unless you’re literally fucking straight down.

If so, maybe we should measure inserting the penis in a penis-pump cylinder (with no pressure).

Originally Posted by dongalong

I live dangerously and use a 12” steel ruler. It is too sharp for me to dig it into that angle between PS bone and ligaments so I am forced to rest it on my PS bone. I “round off” the sharp edges at the end by holding it between my thumb and forefinger when I press into that area.

Put a piece of insulating tape of#ver the end.I’ts only about 1 mm so you can subtract it if you wish :)

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I like this vertical ruler idea. I am using it myself from now on. I can get really paranoid about inconsistant measures and this really seems to work for it nicely.

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I endorse this method, even if I did lose some.


Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.


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