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Suction causing too much discoloration

Suction causing too much discoloration

I’ve been using a suction method like the suckextender idea with my ADS.

I have a constriction sleeve that I put on, then the head unit, covering all with a silicone sleeve and then strapping in.

Using a constriction sleeve does allow for a little more comfort. Uhm, I guess. Fluid buildup is still a bit of a problem. The fluid, and blood, go right to the tip and cause some bruising. The worst part is that you can’t really feel it until you take the whole apparatus off.

In light of the discoloration and pain at the tip, I’m back to using the stretcher without a suction head mounted. You can’t get as much of a stretch going. It may be a little bit uncomfortable (especially the slipping out), but it is probably a little safer.

.. And don’t forget more emphasis on jelqing and manual PE.

Has anyone else experienced the above? Thoughts? Suggestions?

My suggestion is to drop the ADS and focus on manual exercises.


If you keep up with the suction to the point of causing blood build-up, you will eventually need this thread Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration “Shedding the Snake: peeling the skin to remove discoloration.

I haven’t used a suction extender but I was wondering if you could squeeze some Aloe Vera gel into the end of it before you put it on. As long as you displace the air, you shouldn’t get much fluid build up.

I’m thinking Aloe gel as it’s not too runny, it can be a lube and dries quickly.

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