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Success with ADS


Success with ADS

Wondering who has been using ADS over a long period of time and has made some good gains from it.Seems to me it would help the flacid gain most and maybe not as much the erect gain. I have been wraping my weenie with an ace bandage while it is pulled to about 75 percent of it’s full stretched length. Have been doing it all week .Basically it is stretched about 5.5 inches 8-10 hours a day .It is not wrapped too tight so it gets good circulation and my flacid size seems to be improving.I could do this forever I think with no ill effects.I do not however want to waste the time and effort if it is for nothing.If anyone has tried something similiar and has a good success story please share .Thank you


I do the same when not hanging. I currently measure 6 3/4” NBP and when wrapped flaccid stretched in an self adhesive Ace I am able to go for hours and hours at 6”.
Circulation has never been a problem and I have no doubt that it’s had a profound effect on my flaccid size. Whether it has helped my erect gains is something that can’t really be proven. But how the hell can it hurt? It has to be forcing my boy to heal in an extended state.
It’s cheap, simple, safe, stealth, and can look quite handsome in the right pair of pants. :)

Beats the hell out of most ADS’s on the market. What does an Ace cost…$2.95?

Jay! What’s up bro?

Hey Cap,

Not much up how about yourself. Good feedback man exactly what I was looking for. This ACE wrap ADS is the way to go I think.Maximum effect I would theorize would be to wear it right after a good hang.That way the tissues that would have been slightly torn would be stretched open and new cells would have to fill those spaces.I unfortunately can not do it after a good hang as I hang at night but I can stretch the bad boy manually in the shower (good heat source)before work,then wrap it with the ACE ADS and take it off when I get home ten hours later.Eventually I am going to wear it all day and night and take it off only during PE and when I go to sleep. I would think that if it was worn for 12 or more hours a day the tissues would be forced to accommodate for it by either permanently relaxing or growing.I am going to keep at it ,hope you do to ,keep me posted of any more success.Oh and Cap how long have you been wearing the ACE?How much difference is your flacid size now? I realize hanging factors into the equation as well but that is OK since I am hanging to.Seems great minds think alike.I have only been wearing it for three days and it seems my flacid size has improved already

I used to hang at about 3- 3 1/2” flaccid (pre PE) now I am always in the 4 1/2 to 5 1/2” range. Like I said, I have no doubt that much of this is due to the Ace ADS (we should start calling this method AceDS :) ) <—- not bad!
Your thoughts about morning tugs and then AceDS strike me as sound. I wear mine after hanging so I am usually able to get a fantastic stretch as I wrap the AceDS around my boy. On days that I can’t hang I do what you have noted - take a few minute to stretch and then wrap.
If you are hanging at night and morning stretching in the shower, I have to think that any healing that happened over-night is being adequately disturbed and you’re pretty close to where you left off.

As for how long I’ve been using the AceDS - I began at almost the exact time I started hanging. And I saw some very quick results.

How tightly are you wrapping J?
I wrap tight enough that I need to occasional kegel blood in and squeeze blood out of the glans (every ten minutes or so). I wrap loose enough that I can piss without any problem.

I was thinking the same thing Cap, that if I manually stretch right in the morning that it will undue any of the healing and the wrap will force it to start healing again in an extended state. 4 1/5 to 5 1/5 flaccid is great ,huge difference.I was always a grower and not much of a shower but now mine seems to be hanging about 4 1/5 as well.I wrap mine just tight enough so that the top of the neck has the head pulling on the wrap but it is not cutting off circulation.It is just tight enough to keep the head from pulling into the wrap itself thus spoiling the desired effect. The first day (Monday) took some getting used to as I was always nervous and was checking it every hour on the hour.After a few days I feel like a really got it down.So I have been monitoring it by brushing my hand on my pants right where the head is while sitting at my desk in my office or in the bathroom.If I can feel it when I rub the glans then I know I am doing no harm.I also will check in the bathroom once an hour for two hours in a row to make sure there is no discoloration and that it is not numb nor too cold. After that I only check when I actually have to go the bathroom.So far so good .I think this is really going to make an impact .I’ve got the wrapping down so that It never turns cold,numb or changes colors drastically.I like your technique as well.Problem for me is I do not have the privacy to do it that way so I have had to experiment with degrees of tightness to be safe and to find out what works for me .

WORDS OF CAUTION : For anyone thinking of experimenting with this technique remember tighter is not always better.If you are wrapping it too tight and cut off circulation, tissue death can set in after twenty minutes.If you wrap it too tight and forget about it for a long length of time you could seriously injure yourself .Your risk could be to the extent of causing gangrene and getting your glans amputated.The first few times it is done you must check on it constantly to make sure the head is not changing color,becoming numb or too cold.A safe bet is to try it somewhere where you have some privacy for a a few hours .Put it on and stay naked so you can monitor it easily and get the feel for it .Not trying to scare the shit out of anyone but you only have one penis make sure you treat it right.

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I do the exact same thing as Cap, and have the exact same results… diddo every thing he said. Just wanted to second it.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D


That Cap really knows his Sh&t .Thanks for reinforcing it .

J youre the man. So are you Watch-
You know, I might as well throw this out here while we’re talking about it. I’ve been hoping/thinking/experimenting with the AceDS as a way to correct penis curve. My screen name “Hook” is no accident.
My thinking has been that if we are micro-tearing and healing our units in an extended state via AceDS then doing so in an extended state that bends “against” a curve can only lead to a correction or ‘straightening’ of the curve.
The problem with PE is that we do all kinds of crazy stuff to our units, and all in a concurrent fashion. I have noticed a remarkable ‘straightening’ of my hook and only because I apply other growing techniques can I NOT attribute this correction to AceDS.
What I do is I AceDS my unit and make sure that it rests along the leg that it curves toward. I spend most of my time sitting so what this means is that because of the shape of my inner-thigh and the pressure of my pant leg my unit is being forced to bend in the opposite direction of my curve most of the time it is “healing”.
I’ve contemplated adding a very thin “splint” that slopes in the opposite direction of my curve and using this as a guarantee of reshaping my unit in the direction I want.

Anyone with any thoughts pro or con on this theory is more than welcome to chime in.


I think it is a solid theory ,I have been on PE type boards for about five years (shit maybe more) and have heard more then a few people state they have corrected curves but using PE,Particularly by jelqing in a way that pressure is placed to contradict the curve itself. I see no reason why the AceDs would not help it heal in that manner as well. Cap is your curve towards you (up and towards your leg) or curving away (down and towards your leg) or just towards your leg? the reason I ask is depending on the degree it may be something you want to keep.It can really hit the G-Spot on many a female. If it is severe have you thought about the possibility that you may have Peyronie disease (scar tissue in the tunica hardening up and pulling the curve) again PE can certainly help with that as well but you may always have a slight curve and if so embrace it.Many woman love them,But I guess I can see what you mean if it towards your leg only.If so and I hate to say this ,maybe some light erect bends could help as well in the opposite direction of the curve?

AceDS, i see a new word creation at the horizon….

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


Please not another PE exercise/term/acronym! Everytime I read a new one it pushes some of the old ones out of my brain and I have to keep learning them. j/k :)

The bandage is awesome for traction wraps, isn’t it? When it loses it’s stick, I just hook the last 2 inches or so under the lowest spiral. Another way is to use thera, or cloth with thera. This is more rigid, and will hold the stretch out better than the bandage, but it’s harder to set up with perfect circulation.


Thanks SS4. When I type “AceDS” into the search engine all that comes up is this thread. But that can be fixed :)

I find that the elastic spring in the AceDS makes it very easy to put on and the material also conforms and stays in the ‘curve’ I noted.

What do you mean “loses its stick”? Are you using the Ace bandage with the velcro strip at one end - or something else?

You don’t think “AceDS” works better than “I traction wrap my flaccid penis using an Ace bangage in an effort to ADS
Come on SS4…Let me have this one. Please?!
It’s not like I’m calling it the Captn’s AceDS or anything……..


>Thanks SS4. When I type “AceDS” into the search engine all that comes up is this thread. But that can be fixed <

Good point we can delete it.

>What do you mean “loses its stick”? Are you using the Ace bandage with the velcro strip at one end - or something else? <

Umm, maybe I’m thinking of different stuff. The stuff I have is self adhesive, but after a few uses loses it’s stick. Then it is just self.

>You don’t think “AceDS” works better than “I traction wrap my flaccid penis using an Ace bangage in an effort to ADS
Come on SS4…Let me have this one. Please?!
It’s not like I’m calling it the Captn’s AceDS or anything……..<

I’ll consult my monkey and get back to you.


Can you get a name of this self-adhesive bandage. Is it made by Ace?

ps. tell Tom I say hi.


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