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substitute for jelqing?

substitute for jelqing?

I hear that squeezing can be used along with jelqing but I was wondering what kind of gains you get by doing it alone. I kinda wanna lay off rubbing on the skin for a while cause it is kinda dull after doing too much one day. I was thinking like 15-20 sets of like 50 squeezes. and I think you can increase length by doing this if you dont squeeze at the head too cause if you squeeze the base you will notice that the length increases like 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch. well anyways if anyone has any other suggestions on how to get gains without too much skin irritation I will appreciate it. Thanks.


You might want to wait on the squeezes if your still new to PE… They are considered an advanced routine. But some guys are doing just squeezes and getting great results. Mind you that its just for girth mainly.


Advanced--but start slowly?

Joe— I understand that you want to get into this.

In my opinion anything is “advanced” if your dick isn’t used to any of this, but if you’re really careful, and don’t do too much too soon, stop if problems start happeneing , then probably OK

How about Squeezes and very gently working to Ulis ?? They’re mostly for girth, as Modemmer points out, but at least you’ll be “on the road”.

What about manual stretches every time you go to the ‘loo, (use a stall at work, etc), and work up to vee stretches for length??.

All of this should be in the quick start guide, or have been answered before if you’re not sure, or ask questions if you’re not sure / can’t find after searching.

Anything “advanced” can be worked up to slowly—-especially if you’re keen to get that “seven” but don’t want to start where most of us do , with jelquing.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!


I tried doing squeezes the other night and it seemed to work I make an ok sign at the base and cut off all outgoing blood and squeeeze just below the head. I did like 14 sets of 30 squeezes, each squeeze lasting a half second or so. Is this the right way to do it? also I do stretches like hold strait out 6 sets for 30 seconds and to each side 4 sets (mainly on the left cause the left side is smaller for some reason) for 30 secondsd. Is the enough stretching to get girth and length gains out of this. Is jelquing better overall or will this prolly work as well? and after jelquing it used to feel tired afterwards but with the squeezing I didnt feel it quite as much, is that normal? And what can i do to get more gains towards the very base? Thanks.


is an uli just jelquing? Cause i wanna lay off that for a while even tho I want to do them just because I dont wanna make the skin heal any slower. Also I know jelquing can fix bends n the penis because you strengthen the cellular walls but I was wondering if squeezing willl do the same. thanks.

Uli's, Squeezes etc

An Uli is more like a squeeze— I believe, though you can do variations which bring it closer to a slow, very intense jelq, which I guess is not what you want at the moment

My understanding of an Uli is that you grab the 3/4 erect dick near the base, using a “palm over” OK grip and your little finger closest to the glans. Then close as many of the rest of the fings as you can— start gently—you won’t know what stresses you are putting onto youself. Hold for as long as you can— maybe 10 sec at the beginning. (READ ALL OF lil1’s explanatory stuff —- I am giving you info off the top of my head herer)

You dont need lube to ULI so it’s quite different to jelquing.

The internal pressure that this causes is what stresses the dick, and gives girth gains. Up to you how much you want to stress your dick like this at this stage.

I have done what I call “jelq- Ulis” where I do as above, but slowly move the closed fist towrds the head— with a lubed up dick. Very intense.

Joe— I mostly HANG— have you thought of making an AFB hanger?? See the threads in the hanging forum. Perhaps this is the area of PE that you could get into….?? Very gently.??

I use a Bib Hanger, but Bib is not making any at the moment— and unless you are a millionaire you need a low cost hanger at the beginning. The AFB hanger looks like it doesn’t stress the penis nerves as much as Bib’s earlier “home made” hanging devices.

I presume that you have read all of the Introductory stuff here and at PE Forum.

Anything you do for PE is going to stress the dick— and it must be your decision as to whether to do any of this, if getting complete sensitivity back is your first priority.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!


thanks fo rthe info. I think I will slowly work into uli’s since squeezing and uli’s dont rub on the skin. I think I will stick with hand stretching like the v stretch and just trying out all sorts of stretches because I have heard horror stories about hanging and I am the sort of person who gets carried away with what I am doing and will most likely hurt myself, working on that though. By the way does anyone know anything that works the base more? like starting at the baase and increasing the pressure towards the head like you described the uli seems like it woul leave you with a dick small at the base and big in the front. maybe I am wrong but let me know. Thanks.


You have the two handed squeeze. You do it basically like the one handed but you don’t move the hand at the base. After you get a grip at the base you take the other hand and squeeze just below the head. This forces the blood down into the shaft. You must be very careful with this cause you can blow a vein very easily.

I too hang, and hanging helps with the girth at the base! But when you work up to this kind of work out with ulis, you can help gain girth at the lower parts of the shaft.

Here is a link to the discussion on a type of uli I was talking about. But work up slowly in the intensity while doing them and you will be fine.

Horse 440 Squeezes


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Thanks again!!!

I tried the today I tried the uli’s after doing 10 minutes of squeezes. Only got in 3 before I noticed a small and minor blood blister forming so I stopped. Atleast now I know how much I can handle. I am on a 2 on one off schedule and tomorrow I am off so hopefully it will heal. I really want to start jelquing again but I am afraid the dull parts of my skin wont heal as fast or I may make them worse so I have to lay off for a month of maybe a few. I was wondering though, I used to get that really fatigued and tired feeling and have a very dark complextion in my dick after jelquing for only 10 minutes which I have not gotten with squeezes(waiting to see for uli’s). Do you think I just need a little more intensity or is it the fact that you sometimes have to stop to harden up inbetween squeezes or uli’s where as jelquing is non stop and intense??? I would really like to know. Thanks


Also do you have to warm up to do stretches and can you do them more than once a day???

by the way

do you know of any techniques to fix bends that I can do with my hands only? and I think I put this in priority above size gainsalthough its not severe like unable to have intercourse but I do consider it bent enough to be a prob.

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