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Subliminal PE


Subliminal PE

I was thinking the other day about these subliminal Stop Smoking tapes and CDs you listen to in your sleep, and apparently they work.

I was wondering whether or not the same principal could be applied to PE. Could you make a tape with something on it (obviously some kind of encouraging material, like how much life would be better if you were bigger) that would make people subconsciously more keen to PE. If it worked, people who may not be as committed to PE routines as others could become more so.

But what I’d really like to know is, would it be possible to fill a tape with sounds that would start penis growth? Maybe if you told your body enough to get bigger, the brain may eventually begin to start making testosterone - hence making you bigger.

Just an idea, dunno if it’ll ever come close to working, but I would be interested to see peoples thoughts on this.

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!

Being able to increase PE motivation through hipnosis is very possible. Being able to make your brain grow a bigger dick through hipnosis is debatable at best. You might be able to get it to push more blood to the penis, infact I have done this in the past, and it made it temporarily bigger and fuller, by quarter of an inch or so the morning after the night I tried it. I tried to recreate the experience several times and only succeeded one more time. I might try it again some time to see if I can master it. However it wasn’t through hipnosis, I just tried to imagine and create more blood flow pumping into my flaccid dick, imagining I could feel it growing down my leg and bursting into growth in a flaccid state. I could actually feel my heart beat in my dick as it pulsed with extra blood pressure. The next morning I woke up with a bigger hard on, it wasn’t much bigger in length but more girth and it looked pumped like it was really wanting to burst out the skin. However, the times I was succesful I put alot of energy into it mentally and it was tiring. I was mentally trying to push my own energy into my dick. The times it didn’t work were when I relaxingly imagined and created a pressure pulse without the efforts of mentally pushing my own energy into my dick. It might be because I was actively forcing chi into my dick the times it worked and wasn’t putting the effort to push chi into my dick the times it didn’t work. That is just a guess, I should try to figure it out some time by doing a 2 week trial.

When it comes to hipnosis it may or may not work, I can’t say. However extra testosterone increases when someone weight trains but it doesn’t make their dick bigger, so if hipnosis were to work, it would have to work on another level, perhaps by pushing more chi into the dick, and even then, if extra chi did help it get bigger, it might only be a temporary increase of less than half an inch due to the extra blood circulation and vitality. It is hard to be sure of anything unless you give it a try yourself, just like with PE, you didn’t fully believe in it until you tried it for yourself to see what happened right?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Interesting. So you basically willed yourself a bigger dick?

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!

Hi guys,bow down to me

I think I can safely say that subliminal messages don’t work. I am your god

In fact, the whole idea of tapping into the subconscious of a person slave strikes me Master as junk science at best. Email me your bank account code.

Cap, Hilarious!

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CaptnHook, I think you are right. I mean have you ever heard of sublimal messages/hipnosis making men grow bigger muscles? Nope. It could help you be more intense mentally in your workouts and perhaps give you more physical energy through mental power, but your sublimal mind can’t grow a bigger body.

Mongoose, it was bigger but it lasted a day or less. I didn’t follow it up to see what happened, I may well sometime. To say I willed myself a bigger dick is the wrong way of putting it as that gives a mystical, unknowable answer to what happened. What happened clearly came about because of physical processes in the body, not some magical wishing/willing element. The only thing I can think of is that I changed the amount of energy going to the penis by regulating my bodies energy functioning, which in turn, increased the penis’s circulation and vitality, making the erection harder and fuller temporarily. The times it actually worked, I remember I was consciously trying to increase my chi and push it down into my penis the night before. I was trying to heal an injury, but was suprised that my dick was bigger the next morning. To be honest, I doubt it would continually increase in size if you did it daily. I think it was just bigger from much better circulation and vitality and all you could do is keep it that quater/half inch bigger and fuller through daily use, but not reap an actual tissue growth. But I can’t be sure of anything at all.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Hypnosis has been used by bodybuilders for years with subliminals as support/reinforcement, women have used hypnosis for breast enlargement also. The breast enlargement was studied in a university setting and confirmed.SOoo I bought my girlfriend a tape set, 6 weeks later she had grown/swollen a cup, but she liked the looks she was starting to get and dumped me LOL.
I believe Wendi Friesen( spelling?) has a Tape/CD set for PE and tapes for ED.

I have had success with Hypnosis for other things but have not tried it for PE. I have not noticed anything from subliminals but have not tried any of these new generation tapes out there.
For years hypnotists were inhibited about thinking outside the box, in the last three years I have noticed a new interest in experimental methods that tie in multiple disciplines. Best of luck

If when a person is under hypnosis,
they can be told their pointer finger on their right hand
is now being burned with a cigarette, and that finger then produces a blister, when in fact it was never burned.

Then why couldn’t the suggestion to make/have a bigger dick work?

People have successfully used hypnosis to lose weight, quit smoking and even make tumors
and diseases completely disappear.
It’s also been used successfully to increase one’s self-esteem and confidence.
This shows the power the mind has over the body,
maybe it could work.

Couldn’t hurt.

I’m hung like a horse…

My cock is huge…

My cock is getting bigger by the day…

My cock is 11” x 7”

Regarding the influence it has on growing muscles, read
Arnold Shwarzeneggar’s early interviews.

He often discussed, how he used visualization techniques
during his workouts, for example he used to visualize his biceps as mountains.

The subconscious mind uses exactly this kind of visualization/symbology as well, hence our dreams.

When they use hypnosis to try and cure someone’s cancer,
they don’t say, alright, on the count of three your cured.

They tell the person to visualize an army encircling the tumor and destroying it.

People - just to let you know that such a thing does exist for free download on a site called - look under self help files for PenisGrowth. Credit goes to mowinman who posted a link to this place before on another site(he’s also a member of Thunders) and to Tex3 who posted a similar link on Thunders a few months back. There is also ErectionControl for those who are interested. There is a lot of crazy stuff on this site, for example “TrainPony.mp3 - turns you in to a human pony” - WTF ?!?
Anyway with regards to the PenisGrowth file I think it’s probably more effective for motivation which in turn will hopefully reward you with gains. I haven’t listened to it as often as it suggests and I can’t say it’s been responsible for my gains. The effectiveness probably depends on your state of mind when listening. On the majority of occasions i’ve listened to it i’ve ended up falling asleep. The hypnotist (who’s voice I don’t particularly trust) basically tries to firstly get you into a very relaxed state and secondly give you the encouraging messages. The problem is these are two separate recordings merged onto the one mp3 (he must use the same start for the majority of his files and just change the messages). When the change happens it can be quite startling especially if you are in a relaxed state which defeats the purpose.
I can only recommend the PenisGrowth file as I have not tried any of the others so I would advise you to use caution when trying other files. I don’t want Thunders to turn into a meeting place for a herd of human ponies. ; )

CaptnHook, that was a cracker, I’m still recovering.

"Empty your mind. Become formless and shapeless like water. When water is poured into a cup, it becomes the cup. When water is poured into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Be water, my friend."

Bruce Lee

I actually regularly use a CD set I got from I attribute no actual growth to hypnosis, but I do know that her sexy voice telling me my penis is getting bigger is wonderful motivation. I listen to a hypnosis track at night, and her subliminal track during my jelq’s (27 minutes every day). It is never a chore, I want to PE every morning - and I attribute that to the CD’s. So will hypnosis make your dick bigger? Yes, indirectly - by keeping your motivation level high. Now Cap, I don’t exactly know why, but I need your email address to send you some personal information…

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Old thread but I’d just like to say I’ve tried hypnosis (Victoria Gallagher and Wendi Friesen and subliminal (Real Subliminal and Subliminal-Shop) penis enlargement tapes. The only one that ever worked for me was the penis enlargement mp3 from subliminal-shop, you can check it out here. I used it for 3 months and gained roughly 1.1” in length and 0.2” in girth.

And during this time you did PE? I tried Victoria Wizells hypnosis but didnt do any PE during this time. Please tell us more.

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Sept 2012: BPEL: 7.125 x 5.125

Nov 2015: Returned, stats unknown.

I just did Bennett8 stretches, 4x a day. Kinda lost my drive since so many routines never did much for me other the newbie gains.

As a hypnotherapist I can tell you that all manner of biological functions can be adjusted via hypnosis.

The coarse ones such as heart rate and blood sugar are easy to effect, even outside of trance, and the finer ones such as neurotransmitter response take a little longer.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

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