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Stuck w/smal glans?

Stuck w/smal glans?


I have always had a small glans or head compared to many who have submitted pics here. I have been doing squeezes trying to cause my glans to expand and this doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Are some of us just stuck with a small head or is there other exercises besides squeezes that would help. When I say squeezes, I mean with a 50 to 75% erection, I clamp off my cock at the base of my body with the OK grip with my right hand and with my left hand (pinky toward the glans and thumb next to my other hand, I start squeezing the blood to the head one finger at a time. The head expands and I hold it for at least 30 seconds. I do this sometimes for several minutes between horse 440’s and wet jelqing. This doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me.

I would love to have an oversize head and would appreciate any comments/suggestions.

The only advice i have would be to keep doing the squezzes like second nature,along with your jelqs,and dont look for changes anytime soon. It will come somewhat with time.

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The two main erection chambers of the penis shaft, the corpora cavernosa, are not connected to the glans. Squeezing your shaft will not force blood into the head. See this thread for more information. If it’s still unclear, ask more questions here.

Work on the CS for glans gains.

corpus spongiosum - a sheath of spongy tissue which fills with blood during an erection and surrounds the urethra, usually abbreviated “CS.” It expands at both ends. At the base the expansion is called the “bulb” of the penis. At the other end it is called the glans. Blood within the CS can flow freely between the bulb and the glans. <—thanks westla90069

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