Stretchmaster, questions and comments

Hi guys:

I’ve been doing manual stretching and even hanging (Bib’s) for a few years, on and off. I want to try now a good stretcher (the one I used to have was a piece of garbage). I found this one online which is sold for $74.90 at…device_867.html

It looks good to me but that’s just a picture. I am concerned about two aspects:

1) The grip. A loop with a thin strip is extremely uncomfortable and dangerous to the circulation. In the picture, a thick strip grasps the glans against a piece of plastic. This seems to be the best possible, but this is just what it looks like. I’ve seen this design many times but not this particular brand.

2) Length adjustment. How can the length be adjusted with those two metal bars on both sides? I know how it is done in general but this one is not clear to me.

Has anyone tried this particular brand? The price is tempting.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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