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Stretching- which ligs are best for you

Stretching- which ligs are best for you

Hey I may be completely off but something just occured to me. I was wondering which ligs are best to stretch to see gains. I figure if you pull in the direction your hard on will point (i.e. straight out) and take note of which ligs seem more tight, those are probably the ones to stretch. I guess this could effect which direction you stretch in and you might see more gains. Dunno, what are yall’s opinions?

Dunno…But I pull in all directions to ensure (i guess) equal stretch, cos I figured this would give the extra length without altering the shape/angle.


Hey Joe,

you might also look in the hangers forum for some answers. What I remember from some of Bib’s writings is that stretching down and BTC tends to hit all ligs, stretching up tends to hit all tunica. The stretches in between hit a combo of ligs/tunica. Tunica is harder to stretch and grow than ligs. As for me, since I’m early in my hanging career, I’m doing the ligs only positions until I get them maxed, then I’ll concentrate on growing the tunica…

Here is something I have read, didn’t work for me and don’t remember where I read it. By the way, I have been intending on asking this. What is BTC stand for? But anyway, here is something for you to try. Get a full erection, then pump up your PC so that your expanded further. Then while holding the PC muscles tight so that your as long as possible, slowly push your erection down. I think I recall there was repeated flexing of the PC so to put pressure on the ligs. Just remember to be careful. Nobody wants a broken dick. If this works, I like to hear back on it. I might have this not entirely in the right order but the idea should be there.



BTC = Between the Cheeks

Do a search to learn more.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

BIB will tell you that hanging BTC is the best for gains. That position stretches the top ligaments the most…and by the way wont change your erection angle. Hanging over a leg alternately stretches the tunicae mostly I believe. Hanging bent over something like a bed is like hanging straight out and tends to stress mostly the “rear ligaments” or the ones under your balls. You can feel them when hanging in that position. Again quit being so lazy and do your homework…read, read, read.

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