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Stretching twice a day?

Stretching twice a day?

I’m currently doing a 2 on 1 off routine consisting of:

8 min warm-up
15-20 min stretching (4 directions/4 sets/30 sec stretch)
20 min jelq
10 Unis
10 Horse 440’s
6 min cool down

I do this routine in the morning to start my day. But I’ve seen a few posts where people are doing another set of streches only at night. I was wondering if anyone has seen a dramatic increase in length gains from doing another set of stretches during the day?

It certainly wouldn’t take much effort to do 15 min of stretching before bed. Or is this “overworking” the penis and I should stick with my current routine.


More stretching

Why not try it? As you say, another 15mins won’t kill you. And if you feel you are overworking him, just go back to your morning routine. When I can (not very often) I have 3 hang sessions a day. And I do feel it is beneficial. But then I throw in a (usually obligatory) rest day or two, and he seems to appreciate that.


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