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Stretching Tool

Stretching Tool

I find manual stretches very uncomfortable and getting a good grip difficult. I wanted to incorporate manual stretches with hanging, So, I decided to try and use my Bib for the manuals. I just put a small handle on the strap and pull with it. It helped considerably. The one thing I always wondered though was how much pressure am I pulling with, and how consistent am I. I got to thinking and I wondered if a small fishing scale used as a handle would help. I found the attached scales, which have a good hand grip, and gives a digital reading up to 20pds. So, I’m gonna order it, only $19.99 to $39.99,,Then attache the hook to my Bib and see how it works..

Any thoughts, or has anyone tried this?


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My first thought is AHHHHH!!! :eek: I wouldn’t allow that hook within 5 feet of my unclothed dick. I could just imagine the horrible scene that would occur if your hand slipped while attaching the thing and it pierced your dick. Again, :eek: .

That said, it you could find some way to cover up the end with something soft and round (that won’t slip off), then I think it’s a great idea. Some hot glue maybe?

You may well be pulling over 20lbs, in which case you’d need two scales (or gulp…3 scales?)

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