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Stretching starting to ache, loosing grip!

Stretching starting to ache, loosing grip!

Ok a few questions, so bere with me. Ill try my best to make it clear.

I have felt this may be coming for a few days now, but lately (well the last 2 times I PE’d) im starting to feel a really discomforting aching sensation around the base of my cock. I am assuming it is where the ligs are.

The pain builds up. I could feel it a fair bit after my session 3 days ago, so I took yesterday off, and when I PE today, I couldn’t finish off my stretching session, because the almost numbing pain around the base was getting too much.

I feel this injury is a result of too much stretching from the start of my PE campain. However, just over the last few days I have began to encounter problems. *What do you guys think? (I do about 25-30 mins stretching, 4-5 times a week)

One more thing; grip whilst stretching. I was starting to think my grip kept slipping during stretching because the skin on my cock kept gradualy kreeping over to cover the top of my dick, and making the stretch less effective. This is also ANNOYING as I have to keep on adjusting grip and stoping the stretch. Am I actualy losing the grip, or is my skin just loosening up, and if so, how do I combat this?

thanks all


OK, I make it smaller post, so someone answers;

Penis starting to gradualy ache little more each time whilst stretching, feeling really uncomfortable so I have to stop stretching! Am I over stretching? What do I do?

When your stretching and your skin on your dick is getting more flexible over time, what is best to use for extra grip? Changing grip positions is all the time is annoying. Thanks


What aches exactly? Skin or deeper? From your description I’m wondering if you are stretching skin.

If a slipping grip is the problem (you’re pulling the skin over the head), or part of it, a grip aid can help. I like soft paper towels - the kind that are more like cloth than rough paper. So can adjusting the amount of blood in the head.

Yeah hobby, it’s a deeper ache than skin, like its coming from the tissue, circumfrencing around the base of the penis, or whichever way i’m stretching it.

The slipping grip problem= yes, wherever I start the grip, eventually the skin slides it’s way over the head, and I have to keep re-adjusting to get a proper stretch again. Was thinking about using rubber gloves to help (the kind that you wash up dishes with).


I have been doing stretches like this for almost 4 weeks, with no problems up until now;
5 x 5 minute stretches (out, up, left, right, down. Slightly pulling further after every minute of the 5 minutes)

I know it’s alot more than the newbie routine here suggests. But I have been doing this for about a month with no problems. I know you guys are gonna say too much stretching, cut it down, so we will pass step 2, and just kindly let me know in your opinion what I should cut it down to, what to do if problem persists (how much break should I have).



I had pain from stretching when I began PE. The newbie routine/schedule would have been too much for me.

As you said, you already know what you need to do. Take some time off, then start back and go by feel. Reduce both time and frequency at first. Then it’s your choice how to work up from there. Pay attention to how your penis is responding and adjust accordingly.

That’s the best advice I can give. Too vague?

I could pretend to be a Dastardly Lying Devil and present some regimen allegedly custom tailored specifically for you. Take 5 days off, then stretch for 7.23 minutes the first day, add 1.47 minutes each additional day, etc. Like I know exactly what is best for you. The problem with that, apart from me having scruples, is no one except you knows what you are feeling. Getting in touch with how your penis responds is a key to PEing successfully.

Nah mate, point one will suffice.
Pretty much knew it myself, just needed someone to tell me.

Gotten over it now anyway. Feels alright. For grip; Is there any kind of glove which is good to use?


Originally Posted by d_sut
I have been doing stretches like this for almost 4 weeks, with no problems up until now;
5 x 5 minute stretches (out, up, left, right, down. Slightly pulling further after every minute of the 5 minutes)

Dude that is way too much stretching! Do the newbie routine.

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Some like surgical gloves. I didn’t. Experiment with various things and find what you prefer.

d-sut, I know what you mean with this. The base of my dick gets sore at times but I tend to put it down to some sort of friction effect or something. Maybe I’m a slow learner or something but I don’t have, or can’t recognise, these “deeper” strains that I hear people talk about.

As far as the other problem with the grip, yes strangely I’ve been noticing I loose my grip and have to change it regularly…rather annoying. I’m thinking perhaps with all the jelqing that there’s basically more skin there getting in the way! The solution? Hmmmm …pliers? Oh Ok, in my case tweezers LOL

Shintaro; The “deeper” strain I’m referring to, I call a deep strain because it seems to stem from deep inside, or it feels that way because the pain starts off rather dull, and just intensifies gradually till it becomes too uncomfortable to maintain the stretch- not actually so painful to make you cringe!
It feels deep because it is not a pain which you can feel around your shaft, or in your skin, but around the base, usually a bit below the surface!

And the skin thing. Yes, I have noticed that I can pull my skin now, so It’s over the dickhead, and I am circumcised! Now I’m not sure weather or not I could do this before, but I’m sure there is more skin there now! Its a hard one to fix, because I’m not so sure now weather it’s a grip issue- even if I use a glove (which is also annoying) it still seems to ever-so-gradually, slide back up, hence forcing another position change of your hand!


I had some persistent lig soreness when I switched back to hanging BTC after a long time away from it. Unlike when I first hung that position earlier in my PE career, the ligs soon got to the point they stayed sore for many days, even with no PE other than a few manual tugs to check how they were feeling. Maybe you have something similar going on. Fatigue accumulates.

As for a grip aid, I sprinkle some baby power on a bathroom tissue and keep it in my pocket.

Is a bathroom tissue toilet paper?

How does it help in your pocket?


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