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stretching routine

stretching routine

I need some suggestions on stretching to incorporate into my workout. Been doing a workout from a paysite, but they only have erect stretching (3 sets of 3 pulls to the L, R, straight. Then followed by a semi-erect OK squeeze at the base and with the other hand an OK slide forward and back (lengthing exercise) using 3 different squeezing pressure of the sliding hand.

But, I have noticed the many stretching exercises posted. I’m a little confused as to which would be the best to begin with. Can anyone suggest one or two possible routines I might try out?

My goal is to someday change my handle from bitesize to Super-size.

Thank you

You could try mixing in a few jai stretches at the start of your routine.

Static stretching is also good (pick a direction, down maybe and pull for 3-5 mins then regain ciculation and repeat for 10-20mins).

Always stretch at the start of a routine (after the wrap) or split into a seperate routine. Don’t pull quickly just ease into the stretch.

I only do static stretching and its working for me.


bitsize -

I injured myself doing hard stretches too soon, my dick was not ready for that.
Be careful!!!

Thanks to Memento and Dark Trick.

I will take your suggestions and begin using them in my workouts.

Thank you, again.


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