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Stretching or Jelqing?

Stretching or Jelqing?

Hey folks,

I know most people around here stretch and jelq. I’ve always wondered which helps with length gains the most. I do both and i’m getting some nice gains but I do have one question that all of you guys can debate on: If you had to choose one (stretch or jelq) which would you choose to do on your PE days?

I just thought it would be nice to have some debate threads around so people can get more involved (maybe some of the people who perform PE but do not post all that often).

*This isn’t a question. Just a thread so people can show their opinions on jelqing vs. stretching.

I think I’d choose jelqing since it covers more bases (vascular, girth and a little bit of stretch). That said, I haven’t jelqed for a good while now since I’m in experimentation mode again.

I’d have to say jelqing even though I’m doing mainly stretches at this time.


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I agree, jelqing for reasons Shiver stated.

I would have to say jelqing because my dick is too short to do some of the advanced stretches!!!

Jelqing, because it feels good :)

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>>>I would have to say jelqing because my dick is too short to do some of the advanced stretches!!!

LOL! so is mine!

Even at approx. 7” I still can’t do some of those exotic stretches. Haha. I think girth plays a roll in your ability to wrap around your wrist or a pipe of sorts.

IMO, stretching adds length… but jelqing solidifies the gains.. and adds length and girth too. I feel you need to do both for maximum benefit.

But if I had to choose one technique, it would be the jelq.

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Depends on what you got :)

I hate my girth that’s why I’m doing jelqs and squeezes.
I stretched a lot but I saw that my length was nicer than my girth, so I had to move on to jelqs and other thangs.

If you’re really small, I would recommend doing intense stretches because length is always the shit women talk about. Results will come soon. But if you’re average, jelq.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


If you are desparate for length, as I was when I started, then stretching is probably the way to go. But I don’t see why, other than time restraints, anybody would be faced with that choice of one or the other. I say do both. At least that way you can gain some killer length while keeping it in proportion with your girth by jelqing, not to mention the bloodflow to the penis, which I found stretching to be counter-productive to.

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I’d have to say Stretching. I stretch everyday. I jelq every other day and not on weekends. I haven’t seen any huge gains but I’ve certainly noticed an increase in flacid hang. I’ve even gotten compliments on it from both male and female.

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