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stretching only???

stretching only???

Hi guys,

I was wandering is it possible to only do stretching exercises to gain length?Or do you have to jelq aswell.Because i have read that you need to do both to gain length.Is this right?

And which strectching exercise works best and how long before results can be gained/noticed?

Manual/hand exercise or hanging or other?Which?

Hope someone or some people can help me out with this,thanks.

I see no reason why a person would be unable to have gains stretching exclusively. Just be aware that jelqing will undoubtedly enhance your efforts.

Manual exercises are good and effective, but more than a few of our hangers will tell you that hanging is apt to give quicker gains, and manual exercises become less effective as your PE career progresses. Whereas with hanging, you can increase the weight hanging from your penis as you progress. I agree with this thinking, personally.

Here are two threads that you may find of interest:
A Quickstart Guide to Manual Excercises

Jelqing & Stretching 101

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I believe a good stretcher will help your gains immensely. Try the penimaster, lots of members rave about its effectiveness!

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