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Stretching & lower abdomin

Stretching & lower abdomin

I discovered something a few days ago, which really intensifies the feeling in the ligs as they are stretched. I would like you all to try it and post back to me if you get the same intense feeling.

First pull straight down, until you feel a good stretch in those ligs. Now, whilst you are pulling straight down nice and hard, suck in your lower abdomin. Pull it in all the way until it can’t go back any further. This really intensifies the feeling in the ligs for me.

At first I just stretch on it’s own, but after a while my ligs don’t feel it as much, as they have temporarily lengthened and become desensatised. Pulling even harder doesn’t help much at this point. So I start pulling my lower abdomin in for a few seconds at a time and this helps the ligs feel instensly worked again. Try it and post back please.

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Yes, that is very effective.

Also try a BTC stretch and then lean backwards and tighten your abs. That might even be more intense. While leaning back, you can also raise your free hand over your head and stretch it out even more.

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