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Stretching ligs or skin?

Stretching ligs or skin?

I have been jelqing for about 1.5 months now and in the last week have started stretching. I was getting quite a hot tight sensation while I was stretching which I happily assumed was the ligs stretching. Then yesterday I had an awful thought- I tried pulling the skin alone- and would you believe it, the same sensation. How do I know when I am hitting the ligs? what does it feel like and where abouts is the feeling? Also how do I overcome just pulling the skin? One other thing- I gained 0.5 in in the first 3-4 weeks but in these last 3 weeks have gained I think nothing. I realise 0.5/month cannot be maintained, that would give me 2in in 4 months :) At what point though should I start considering this a plateau and change my routine? Sorry to be a hassle but advice would be muchily appreciated.

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Are you uncircumcised? If so are you retracting the foreskin when you stretch.

If you are circumcised, then stretching the skin will be the first step before you can stretch the ligaments (assuming a reasonably tight cut).

Try Altering the angle of your stretch. Stretching down will provide a more obvious lig stretch. Stretching left and right should help you figure out what you are stretching (personally I don’t stretch left and right for gains).

This is not a plateau, you are still figuring out how to do these exercises in their most effective form.

Remember that you need to increase the intensity of jelqing as you progress.


I have tried retracting the forskin, but pulling with the forskin back is quite painful. Also my head is not a lot larger than the shaft so it is difficult to get a grip behind the glans. Any suggestions?

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Just pulling it back is painful :confused: How far are you pulling it back, you just need to reveal the glans.

I use an old piece of t-shirt material to wrap around the glans (others use dishwashing gloves or just talc to prevent slippage).

Try using an overhand ok and stretching in a downward direction, I have found this grip works for me. You can also push a little blood into the glans (single lazy jelq) before making the grip but don’t try to trap too much blood.

I will try it

sorry I meant it hurts when I stretch with the glans exposed. But thanks for the advice about covering up with fabric or rubber gloves- that just might work.

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Skin stretch is a fairly normal occurence with stretching. You need to think of it this way- your dick at its’ current size is using up all the available skin you have right now, so you need to stretch some more out so you have some extra skin for a bigger dick to fit into. It is just part of the whole PE experience, but don’t look at it as negative. The more extra skin you stretch out the more room you have for a bigger dick to fit into :)

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