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Stretching different angles; different measurments

Stretching different angles; different measurments

I find that if I sit in a chair and pull my unit straight out and measure, I get a different measurement than if I pull it up or down.

My question is (and it seems logical) if I am getting more length by pulling down, then I should work on stretching upward?

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I guess that is why you would stretch upwards, also jelq upwards as well, and in all directions.

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Thanks for the reply; it does seem logical. I find I keep gaining in a more downward bpfl, but still stay the same upwards. This seems to suggest that my gains maybe coming from the pelvic ligs.

“V” grip jelqs may help you with this.

Make a peace sign with 1st finger and second finger.

Place it over the top of your dick at the base.

This is your base grip.

Slowly move the grip up to the glans, repeat with other hand.

Also you can use an OK grip or another “V” grip just beneath the glans to stabilize your penis while jelqing.

It is better to do this jelq with a 50-60% erection. If your dick gets to fat it becomes hard to do the grip and you have to let your pecker die down a bit.

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Most of us measure with our wangs parallel to the ground, so you might have to push down on it a little.

As you saw, the angle does make a difference, and it is real.


It probably not that much difference in what angle it is, so does it really matter?

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Mine really is a big difference. My bpfsl aimed at about a 45 degree angle toward the floor is about 8.25 inches and straight out is is 8 inches. If one considers .25 inches a big difference, which I do.

I see your point kingpole, it may not be as a big of jump for most people. To add to this, my erection points upwards a lot, so I lose some size this way as well. I’ve heard about the surgeries performed; how they drop the angle of the penis down by cutting the suspensory ligament. This makes sense why it helps with length gains.

Optimalss, I will give this a shot and see what happens.

I’m going to concentrate on upward jelqs and upward stretching for a while.

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