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Stretching at your LOT

Stretching at your LOT

I’ve always wondered the about effects at stretching at your LOT. Now I’ve heard above your LOT is for the tunica and below is for your ligs.

Currently I’m a LOT of 9, so would stretching my at my LOT, be good for both? I’m also thinking in the long run here, (ie hitting my tunica now).

As I see it, I like having a LOT of 9, it’s a good place to start at. Meaning I’ve got a decent amount of potential of lig stretching in me, how much I don’t know. So I’m not to sure about going all out on my ligs right now.

Is their any relationship with LOT #’s and erection angles?

Hi Thomas. I’ve been a member of this place for only a few days, and there are dozens of older members who could answer your question. However, they are probably trying to finish up their weekend, and I read only this morning a post by Bib that answers your question.

Just go to the Main Member’s forum and you will see Bib’s post on his LOT Theory near the top of the list. He discusses every angle of the angles, and a helluva LOT more!! lol


WannaB9X7 is correct. Best to read the original threads and subsequent discussion. Here are links to the threads:

Original LOT Test

Bib’s LOT Theory

stevie31 thanks for the links.

I wrote >>I’ve always wondered the about effects at stretching at your LOT. Now I’ve heard above your LOT is for the tunica and below is for your ligs.

In learning that you’ll most likely get quicker gains if you go ahead and stretch below your LOT, I’ve also found kind of interesting what others on the board think about the LOT Theory.

The answer to my question about stretching at my LOT and erection angles is still a little vague right now. As far as I am concerned Bib and RB say some contradictory things.

“Bib’s LOT Theory”

Post #1—Bib said(3-21-03): As concerns erection angle vs. tugback angle loss, it must be realized that other factors affect erection angle other than lig tightness such as erection strength and tunica shape.

Post #30—RB(5-15-03): If you don’t want to alter your erection level any further, start tunica stretching now.

Maybe it’s different for others, but these posts in the same thread made me question whether stretching below your LOT was worth losing your LOT angle or erection angle. Bib then says, later.


LOT test, movement of head and ligs”
In response to j384,
Post #15—Bib(8-13-03): I doubt any type of upward stretching would be a waste. If anything, you possibly raised your LOT.

This too is something to think about. Can you raise your LOT? Though I might be able to get a faster gain if I stretch below my LOT, is it worth it, when I can potential raise my LOT and stretch my tunica at the same time?

With all of that I tend to agree with Bib on most of everything he has said except for the raising of the LOT. I believe once you’ve pulled your ligs out you can’t increase your LOT to what it once was.

I’m unsure that you’ll change your erection level. Bib tends to think that is more geared towards your tunica.

“Bib’s LOT Theory”
Post #76—Bib (6-12-03) I don’t think the ligs will have anything to do with the curve. I would think only the tunica would determine that. With a high LOT, the ligs may simply pull the erection higher, but not curve the shaft. But a guy with a low LOT could still have an upward curved penis because of tunica shape. The stats show no correlation between erection angle and LOT.

So far, it appears that having a low LOT and therefore limited potential gains from lig stretching does not matter concerning total potential for gains. Many guys with low LOTs are reporting good gains from working the tunica at upper angles. It seems to be a matter of working smarter, as RB says.

I guess it’s a matter of preference. To stretch above or below? Quicker gains below (if you haven’t already maxed out), or for slower gains by tunica stretching above a 9 LOT, which also lends to girth enchancement.

Doesn’t it seem more worth stretching the tunica than anything else? This goes back to my original question, which I am still a little uncertain.

I wrote>>Currently I’m a LOT of 9, so would stretching at my LOT, be good for both? I’m also thinking in the long run here, (ie hitting my tunica now).


With an LOT of 9, you should have gains potential from stretching the ligs, if you want to try and get it. It may or may not affect your erection angle.

Concerning the guys who submitted data, no corellation was shown between LOT and erection angle. However, my EA dropped from straight up before PE to about 9:30 after PE.

You might try stretching or hanging at the lower angles for a while, and see if you notice any difference in EA. If so, and you do not want this, you can switch to the upper angles.

For me, I prefer have much more penis and damn the angle.


Well I’ll have to admit after writing that post I went home and had a killer stretching session. BTC, damn it was a workout, let alone the difficulty I had doing it manually.

But I definitely felt my ligs being worked, what I really felt after 15 minutes or so of doing BTC was when I changed my angle of stretching. I then focused on tunica stretching at a 12 o’clock angle for another 10 minutes, talk about a weird feeling.

Thanks for your 2 cents.

Unless you feel septum limited, I wouldn’t recommend stretching at your LOT. Divide and conquer, as the saying goes.

I have a little theory (being septum limited, I think) that stretching at my LOT (7 1/2) may help put the most pressure on the septum. But starting next week I’m going for hanging straight down backed up by v-stretches around my lot to hit my septum when hanging isn’t convenient. It’ll be a little 11 week project I’m about to expiriment with…
If I gain a couple of millimetres, say 4, I’ll think it sucessful, because then I’ll likely me limited by something else, like the tunica, again.

Skippy to you, bud :p


Is there a comprehensive description of the terminology used here (tunica, septum, etc.)? Also, pictures would be nice.

I thought your septum was located in your nose?

Becoming.... Godsize

Actually, you have one there too.

A septum is a membrane that divides two cavities in a living organism.

New to the place? Start here.

This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Well I’ve collectively decided on working the tunica, for now.

My routine consists of erect bends in the morning because of the morning wood. 12 o’clock manual stretching sometime during the day, and then 10 downward jelqing at night, usually followed by some jelq squeezes and horses.

Overall, I’m hoping the continual stretching of the tunica and giving it a rest every 6-12 hours will work for microtearing and repairing. Does anybody else work exclusively on the tunica for length gains?

I’ve also noticed just in the four days I’ve done this a temporary 1/8” girth increase as well and what I can confidently say is a cemented length of 7”bp.

Tommorrow is a rest day then I will start my 6th month of PE, I don’t think I’ve ever been more focused on my goals than now. With that I’d like to thank the vets for…..(nothing more than just posting what you guys post), being active posters and throwing out your knowledge to even the guys who don’t post very often.

I am one of those new members who don’t post. But recently I’ve felt with 5 months under my belt that I can contribute more and actually have gains to show for it. As I will put it, thanks for the support, even though you didn’t know you were helping anybody out, just by posting whatever you guys felt like talking about, you’ve been helping me since I became a newbie back in March.

I’m greatful to be able to come here anytime I want to get support when I need it most. When I feel like it isn’t working, when I want to learn more, find a workout, mix it up a little bit, and get some great success stories to help keep me motivated.

The core guys in this groups, even Anna, help guys like me fight off those bad days, give me more good and inspire me to continue till MY goals are reached. Thank you.

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