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Stretching And Warmth Idea

Stretching And Warmth Idea

It’s common practice to use a hot wrap before stretching.

But, if a hot wrap makes the dick more pliable, then wouldn’t the stretching be “no sweat” for your dick? And if it’s warm, wouldn’t it be easier for it to return to it’s old length right after you’re done?

I have a different idea. How about you stretch without warming up. Slowly as not to hurt yourself, THEN apply a hot wrap to your stretched penis. Would you not be able to stretch further then?

If you just pulled out your dick right now and started stretching it, it would “fight” the stretch a bit because it’s not warmed up, right? So if you stretch it out like that, isn’t it less likely it will creep back up?

Think of a warm rubber band and a cold one. A warm rubber band can stretch a bit further, but still snap back easy. A cold one will get to a certain stress level, then snap. But that “snap” is kinda what we want, right? Not a literal breaking of the dick, I’m talking in terms of micro-tearing. We want the cells to “break”, don’t we?

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I’m not sure if the weightlifting analogy applies to this, but it’s something to think about. In weight training, a warmed up muscle is a supple muscle. Better circulation leads to better elasticity, less chance of injury. A cold muscle is more “brittle” to stress, less pliable.

After a thorough warmup, my penis always felt very soggy - like an overcooked noodle, and it seemed to stretch easier and further. At least that has been my experience.

Eh, ya know…it’s just a half-baked idea. I didn’t completely think it through.

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