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Stretches and best way to straighten?

Stretches and best way to straighten?

Hello all PE-gainers.

I’ve tried to search for all the different routines that exist on this forum? I’d like to see a page where all the different techniques used are described and how to do them please. Also all of you guys that have a slight bend in your cock to the left or right, how have you tried to straighten this out? And have you had any progress in doing so? And I’m NOT talking about Peyronies! It’s very common that we men have cocks that bend either to the left or to the right and also downward. It’s as common as it is with women who has different sized labia ;P.

Well hope to get these things explained thanks for a good page.

Big bent going bigger straighter

A reference section for ALL described techniques.

I agree with you. If you are new, you get told to use SEARCH, which I understand. I have been visiting this site for a few weeks now and one thing is for sure, You really have to mine for information. Searching yields lots of hits from people searching for the same thing you are looking for. The knowledge is in the main contributors heads, and not in the Knowledge Base that this site should be. Good luck, if I get a lead, I will get back to you.

Yes, go into the newbie forum. There is a wealth of information in there. I don’t even ask questions, I’m so used to internet searching, because of my computer hobby, that I just search and read.

Go into the newbie forum, read all the sticky threads at the top. Pretty soon, everything will sort itself out.

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