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Stretch Time Confusion


Stretch Time Confusion

Hey everyone-I have been checking out the forums for about a month now and finally got to join. This place has some great info and great members. I had been pumping for about 6 months but decided that the risk for damage was too high and the total lack of results I saw were not with it. I started doing the newbie routine and a few other stretches and I have been seeing dramatic results already. I made a promise to myself not to pick up a ruler until I get a full month of exercises in so I don’t have any progress measurements yet, but I will post once I get past the one month mark.

Anyway,while checking out the posts and exercise tutorials I noticed there is a big variation in the amounts of time that you hold the stretches-they go anywhere from about 2 seconds to a full minute or longer. Being an athlete all through school, I was always told that stretches should only be held for around a 15 to 30 count. I was just curious as to the actual times people are stretching. Is stretching for a long time actually healthy and does it actually improve your results over doing more sets of shorter counts? Any help you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated-looking forward to hearing some views on this

I think this is a good question (I don’t remember this being expounded upon, anyway). I don’t have any input but I moved this to the main forum so as to get more replies.


Hey Thanks-Looking forward to hearing some opinions on this

Personally I warm up with 45 seconds, and then go for 3 minutes (straight out, left, right, down, up, V-stretches, and finally Inverted V’s). This has worked well for me so far, no injuries or anything. Anyone else? Good question, by the way!

When you stretch for athletic activities what your doing is readying your ligaments for vigorous activity which means making them somewhat elastic before stress. Then after the activity we allow rest recooperation and healing which maintains our strength. Whereas for PE what your after is actually lengthening and changing the structure of the ligaments and tissues to remain in an elongated state. It’s a good thing we don’t accomplish the same thing before sports or we would dislocate our joints all the time. In PE we are after keeping the stretched condition we’re achieving by frequency and exceeding the limits of the existing ligament strength on a regular schedule.

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Denomolus, what HG did you used to pump at, how often, length of sets etc? I know pumping works for some and not others.

I know you have not measured yet but you said you think you have seen dramatic results, is that in length or girth?

As far as stretching goes I was wondering the same thing. I have read some people pull as hard as they can for 10-20 seconds and I find if I pull as hard as I can I cannot hold the stretch for much longer.

Others hold the stretch for up to 3 minutes which must be a much milder pull to be able to hold it that long. I wonder what yields the greatest results?

I started at 10 seconds as a newbie and worked my way up to 60 second stretches. Sometimes 30 seconds mostly 60 seconds. Regardless, whatever feels right to you as you continue is best, IMO.

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Thanks for the replies everyone

Solarwind-I used to pump at lower levels, around 3 to 5. The whole idea of using something mechanical like that on my member kind of put me off, that and the donut thing was kind of a scary side effect. It was nice to get big and pumped up but the next day I was right back to where I started. On the other hand with the manual exercises, the next day I am keeping my results which is always a good thing. I am actually seeing impressive girth gains and a good amount of length-but nothing too spectacular yet.

Monty-I understand your point, so would you suggest a period of lighter stretches for shorter time as a warm up and then go into the longer stretches? Or should the stretches always be held for a longer period of time?

Of late I attach much importance on stretching. I stretch up to an hour a day, split up in two or three units. I pull fairly hard, up to 60 or 90 seconds per stretch. Weeks ago I had a hard time to hold it over a minute, but now with time it has become easier to last sometimes up to 2 minutes, pulling with the same power. I stretch in each direction, focusing on the upper stretch for tunica because that seems most effective to me. I still do downward stretches, but just a few and not as many as before.

Originally Posted by DeNomolus

Monty-I understand your point, so would you suggest a period of lighter stretches for shorter time as a warm up and then go into the longer stretches? Or should the stretches always be held for a longer period of time?

I don’t think it really matters. What does matter is that you exceed the tensil strength of the ligs at any given point in time and then be able to retain that condition until the next session, disallowing healing in the shorter state. Better yet to heal in the enlongated state and then when the next session hits you just do it again and again, and again. Each time will give you gains of micro lengthening but retaining is the trick and secret.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

I stretch atleast an hour everyday with 3-5min/stretch. I do BTC stretches and straight up stretches in two different sessions a day, each last anywhere from 30min-60min/session. I don’t notice any bad pains just normal soreness and even little at that. I’m only 2 months into the newbie routine could this be too much?

Keep in mind that you aren’t warming up, so it’s not “stretching” in the traditional sense. Think of it as pulling. It’s safe to pull the penis for much longer than generally recommended for stretching muscles.


30 seconds each stretch is good to start at.

The discussion has lately been focused around stretches in the 2-minute range. Apparently, certain “reactions” occur when the stretch times exceed 90-second sets.

For those who worry about injury, I would remind them that hangers are in traction for 15-20 minutes at a time. And people who use tractions devices (like the PM) are in traction for much longer periods than that.

I had a related question. Is it better to go in for say 3 sets of 10 minutes in the day, or two sets of 15? Or does it not matter?

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