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Stretch, Reverse Kegel, Pop, AHH! *Me in fetal position*...

Stretch, Reverse Kegel, Pop, AHH! *Me in fetal position*...

Ok, that didnt happen, but while I was doing a normal down stretch, I decided to do a reverse kegel and when I let off, I felt a pop. Got me scared but no paint whatsover….was this just something that happens? Or what?

Happened to me last night

didn’t hurt a bit. I just thought, hmmm I guess that is the infamous lig pop I keep reading about. —Are they a sign of growth or does anyone know more about them?

Yep thats a lig pop!

Freaky but painless. I would not say they were a sign of gains to come, but I would say they were a sign of progress, so keep going at it.


Ok, my penis just fell off….LoL JK

I really DO hope that this shows some progress. Havent seen good gains in nearly 8 monthes…but Im still going strong! Changed my schedule to more intense workouts and more days, after reacalling the time that I DID get .5 inches gain, I was going it 5 days a week. Then for some reason I stopped doing it so frequently. Well, I just hope im on the right track now…

Thanks a lot guys

EDIT : Well, it just happened again, is this good or bad? If after a while, it keeps popping consistantly, can this turn out to be a bad thing?

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Yea totally normal stuff. Havent you ever had an erection and bent it too far downward??? You’d get a similar pop and feeling. No pain maybe some slight discomfort that passes. I wouldnt even count a pop as progress….I get pops pretty frequently almost every workout in fact. Especially when I stretch out to the sides.

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