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Stretch-only routine?

Stretch-only routine?

Hello all of you guys!
Well I’m coming back to PE for the (third?fourth? can’t really remember) time. What happened is that I decided to move and live with my parents in Equador for six months, and I left my GF in Brazil. She’s waiting for me, and I really want to make her a surprise. So this time I WILL NOT procrastinate.
I made a simple routine for me for these first weeks:

5 min warmup (or a shower)
5 min regular stretches
1 min (30sec each side) BTC stretch
1 min (30sec each hand) A stretch
1 1/2 min V Stretch (30 sem middle, 30 sec base, 30 sec glans)

I’ve been doing this for 4 days now, and today my friend here finally feel tired. Tomorrow I’ll give him the day off (or not. Don’t know yet.)

I am here for two weeks only and I don’t know where I get some vaseline for my jelqs(yes I do, but I don’t feel confortable yet to go buy vaseline hehe)
And since I am really unable to get a good erection for dry jelqs (middle intensity erections are hard to maintain for me when dry) what I wanted to know is if a stretch-only routine is effective, and if someone that did this experience can share their results. Also some advice for my routine (like “you are trying too much types of stretch at once”) would be welcome, but basically I would like to know what you guys think of stretch-only.


I am convinced that you need the jelqing. There’s something about the after-jelq feeling that feels so right.
I tried going down on jelqing time last 6 weeks. My gains stopped and I lost the feeling of having got a good work-out. No, I’ve gone back to my original jelqing time (15 + 10 minutes) and it feels so right.
Hopefully the gains will come back.


I have also thought about dropping jelqing since if usually focuses on girth which I don’t necessarily want. But people say to just keep doing it, so now I try to jelq at lower erection levels and keep it low to stress more length.

Is it advisable to do simple stretches (outward, upward, downward, diagonal right, left)for about 10 mins every 2-3 hours per day?

Will over-do stretching have any side effects?

Do we need to do warm up before stretching?

A warm up is probably the best thing. As for every couple of hours I am not sure how this would work. I would like to hear from someone more experienced that knows what there talking about.

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