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Stretch marks + girlfriend noticed gains = :-)

Stretch marks + girlfriend noticed gains = :-)

Ok so after studying Bib’s LOT theory I have been attacking the ligs with manual stretching at low angles and it is already paying off.

I have gained 1/2” in erect lenth in about 3 weeks of relatively casual pe (been busy). The biggest payoff so far was hearing my girlfriend say, “Is your dick getting bigger? I think it is.” I have also noticed light stretch marks at the base of my dick. I have been a big fan of the bib hanger, but I can really get the best stretch and the most variey from manual stretching, although hanging is probably easier.

Here are some of the exercises I do. First I have found that by using your legs in conjunction with your hands you can get a great lig stretch. Here’s what I mean. Sitting on the edge of a chair (or whatever) stretch your dick straight out. Now take the other hand, with your palm facing down and grasp the penis just below the head. Now pull straight down between your legs and squeeze your arm with your legs (your thumb and index finger should be closest to the ground and your pinky farthest away. Now do reverse kegels and pull up with your hips a little and you should feel a good stretch.

**note: I normally put my feet on the edge of my computer desk and lean back in my chair to allow me to strech at a lower angle.

Another way to get a good stretch is to use the grip above (you won’t be using your legs though) and then take your other hand and spread your fingers. Now put the base of your penis in between your middle and ring finger and push down (fingers pointing to the ground). You should be pulling almost straight out with one hand and pushing straight down on the ligs with the other hand. Rotate your hips back, and reverse kegel. You will have to play with this one a little to get the correct pressure in the right place, but you will feel it when you do.

If you have grip problems get some talc powder or something to keep your hands dry.

***I just want to say thanks to bib for his research and so you know it is paying off bigtime for me. Also, special thanks to DDL, a lot of the exercises I do, came from reading your techniques.

Good luck and happy peing!!

My LOT is at about 8:30 and I have had very modest gains from pe up to this point (less than 1/2”). My BPEL is now exactly 7” too so I reached a new milestone recently :-)

Also I noticed that after gaining that half inch my dick starts at a lower point on my pubic bone, so this just solidifies Bib’s theory in my mind. I now have lower longer ligs and that is what has caused my gains.


I love it when a plan comes together. Those are some really good gains and makes it worth coming back here for me.

Also, I appreciate you delving into the LOT and your experience.

Many thanks,


Originally posted by Bib

I love it when a plan comes together.

Bib, I have caught you with this phrase again. If you use it one more time I think we will have to get you a Hannibal Smith avatar from the A Team. ;)

In theory could someone do all tunica work when their lot didn’t require it and then coast for easy lig gains in the end cause they are lazy? Just something that popped into my mind.


Congrats on the gains. Tell your girl the perceived gains are from the great sex she gives you. Stroke her ego and then some. Deny the stretch marks as just wrinkles from laying on your member at night. Maybe she’ll believe you. LOL!

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks teaser but I already told her about my pe. The first time she mentioned it I just said I don’t know, but she could definately tell the difference so when she asked again I went ahead and told her. It wasn’t nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be. I just told her it was kinda like working out………for you dick, and she thought that was pretty cool.


Dating myself?


Hey flashin, do you do any type of hotwrap? Good gains, congrats. Keep us informed. Its encouraging to read of gains such as yours.


Yes I use a hotwrap for about 10 minutes pre workout. Another thing I have been doing occationally is wrapping with theraband after my workout. I get a piece that is just wide enough that keeps my dick stretched longer than it would normally be, but not give me too much discomfort. I really feel the fatigue in the ligs more the next day when I do this.

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