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Stretch in one Lig..

Stretch in one Lig..

I’ve noticed this while hanging AND while manual stretching. I feel most of the burn in my left ligament and not too much in the right. I’m not sure if this is a big concern or not, i’ve tried to adjust all stretching ways and stuff, but the only way I really feel it in the right lig is to pull my penis left. That’s all. Should I leave it alone or what?


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If you are stretching straight out and feel it more in the left, then that is the next limiting factor (that area is tighter and so automatically receives more stress). You need to stretch to the right side to break through this, but not for the whole session. Do the first half to the right, and the second half pulling straight forward at whatever angle is best for you. Over time, you will start to feel fatigue either in both sides, or somewhere else in the second half. When this happens, ditch the right side stretching.

Or, if you stretch to the sides in your routine, it could be that you accidentally use more force when stretching to the right, if you are left handed for example, or maybe your grip just makes it easier to work the right side than the left. If this is the case, just make sure you do equal work on both sides.


Although I do not hang, I experience a similar situation! I feel more of a stretch in the left side than the right side, only when doing rotation stretches! SO is fine, but it is odd that I have a difference in stretched feeling when it comes to doing the rotation stretches.

So I switch hands then and focus the stretching session to further fatigue the side that needs to be concentrated on more.

Seems to be working, as I am now feeling an overall complete fatigued feeling all around!

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