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stretch frequency

stretch frequency

I’ve searched and just randomly read old posts. (about as fast as searching with the term stretch in it) I only found one thread on it and no answer was given. Maybe some one has learned since then.

Can full out stretching be done several times per day? I know lots of people do the bathroom stretch, but what about several routines a day. I do my jelquing after a warm up an some stretching and that’s it for jelqs. I am interviewing right now and have lots of free time. I do 10 minutes or so whenever I feel, about 5 times a day. I also wear an ADS fo as long as it’s comfortable. My unit feels great, but is it counterproductive? I am focusing on ligs right now.

If you think you can you might,

If you think you can't your right.

As long as you are not experiencing pain and your dick isn’t complaining, I don’t see what it would hurt. It may not be productive, but I don’t see where it would actually be counter-productive. Just pay attention so you don’t overdo it.

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By the way Thunder, I’m up 1/4 ” ebp! That makes 7” on the nose. So if the interviewing goes well I believe I have a debt to settle with this forum. Thank you so much for this, I’ll let my girl thank you in 5 months! You guys rock.

If you think you can you might,

If you think you can't your right.


As long as your dick is holding up and you’re still feeling comfortable, splitting your routine into 10 minute segments/5 times a day sounds like a good plan. Your ADS is also another good way of training your dick to maintain a “memory” of a longer state.

I rarely stretch for one long period at a time. I prefer stretching for shorter periods randomly through the day like you do. I also randomly do dryjelqs, bends and squeezes again all randomly spaced throughout the day. For me, it is better to do than not to do.

Congratulations on hitting the landmark 7 inches. Now on to 8”.


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