Stretch compressions?

Hey guys, I have been doing many of the recommended girth techniques to no avail. I have tried horses,clamping ( still doing), dry jelqing and even compression squeezes. So, I was in the shower this morning and was doing some dry jelqing and discovered a variation to combine stretching,horses/compressions. Maybe someone out there is already familiar with this but if not this is what I did.

I pulled out my pecker by and stretched it out as far as I could by grabbing it behind the glans with a reverse grip while at about a 50% erection. Next I made a ring at the base with my other hand as if I was going to start dry jelqing after applying a firm grip I pushed slowly forward about an Inch and compressed/stretched for about 10 seconds.Then I pulled back like a dry jelq and repeated. I did this for about 10 minutes and achieved a pretty good pump. Right away, I noticed that my penis was longer and much fuller.In fact,I have never achieved a longer thicker penis like this not even after any 300 wet jelqs. I am going to continue experimenting with this and see what happens.