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stretch before hang with const heat

stretch before hang with const heat

Well, Ive been lurking around here for the past 4 months. Started PE about that time. In the first 2 months just pe’d off and on. Would miss allot. Didn’t really get to serious. Bought a bib h. about 2 months ago. In the beginning Manual stretching and jelq seemed to be working fine. I would get the soreness described by everyone here, i would get way better erections and always had a boner. I felt and have been feeling allot more healthy and stronger down there then since before i started peing. If that where the only benifits of PE i would not complain.

However I like everyone else here , want to grow a big ass porno star dck! 10X6 1/2. So far i have grown a little less than 3/4, which 2/4 seems to be from just better erections. Around the middle of the second month manual stretching just didn’t seem to be working its magic like it first was.
Which I now come to find out was from lack of heat. So I bought the bib h…

The bib h.. has been giving me that soreness, however Ive fealt theres been something missing (CONSTANT HEAT).
So i went out and bought an infrared lamp. I have to tell you, this is a must purchase product. well at least for me that is!

I went back to manual v stretching with constant heat for 30 to 40 min, with 1 or 2 15 min bib sessions to top it off twice a day. This seems to be doing the trick.
Ive gained about another 1/8 in 2 weeks of doing this. I must say something.
This constant heat from lamp seems to make my dck (after about 15 min of stretching) feal like a rubber band. I mean it really loosens the ligs up, making for a way better stretch and hang. I’m glad i picked up on this constant heat thing now, rather than 1 or 2 years into PE.

I know I’m still a newbie here, and hope this post helps out some other poor soul like myself.

I’m still on the border line of whether or not PE will really give me the gains i desire. However, i will keep on stretching and jelqing until i die,
my dck falls off, or i grow one giant monster 10X6 1/2.

One question for the OG’s . Would it be better if i put in 2 to 3 hours of work in 2 sessions or break it down into 4 shorter sessions.
Also, is it ok to jack off all the time? I mean is it better to save the juice for the healing or something. I guess i should stop that.
Save it for the nagging woman i have.

Nice to chat with everyone here and must say, this is a really great site and am really glad i found it!

Yeah, I’m completely down with constant heat.
But if you are using heat while hanging, then you have to
go by color when your dink needs fresh blood.

I’m not an OG (LOL..OG) but..

Originally Posted by pcazar
Also, is it ok to jack off all the time? I mean is it better to save the juice for the healing or something

I don’t think it hurts gains. The Dr. Lin guy, says it’s bad because of DHT or something, but I don’t
believe him. Hope you make your goals

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