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Stretch Aid discovery

Stretch Aid discovery

A while back, someone posted about wearing leather workout gloves to aid your grip while manual stretching. I thought about trying a golf glove, which is very thin, supple tight fitting leather, but never got around to it until last night.

I was getting my clubs ready for a round this afternoon, and since I was in the basement, I slipped on my glove, pulled my shorts aside, and gave willy a good stretch.


Unbelievable gripping power! MUCH better than anything I’ve tried before, including baby powder and my current stand by white paper towels. I could honestly put about double the force on my shaft as I could without the glove.

Now I just have to by new ones for each hand, as my last years glove that I used for the test is pretty shot and dirty.

But this is definitely worth it if you are a manual stretcher. You can probably get a pair at Walmart for $12-14. Don’t have to be name brand, just a good tight fit when you clench your fist and made of thin supple leather.


So, when stretching like this do I still have to do all that other stuff like rotating at the hips, using the correct grip and following through? How about addressing the ball(s)?

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Yup. You still gotta take a proper grip on the shaft, get set up, and follow through… :)

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Too much rotation and you go from jelq to jerk………………..

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Re: Stretch Aid discovery

Originally posted by RB

I was getting my clubs ready for a round this afternoon, and since I was in the basement, I slipped on my glove, pulled my shorts aside, and gave willy a good stretch.

Thanks for the image, RB… LOL.

Also good: batting gloves. Watch out for abrasion.

Gym shorts - thats all I can say. Nothing gives a strong grip like gym shorts!

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I am going to but some gloves today when i go to wally world, sounds like they are worth every penny!!!!!

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

Just told the wife that I’m taking up golf! :)


Im not sure if anybody has posted this before but there was still some semen on my dick from masterbating earlier and i find that it gave me a good grip with my streches.

There is this stuff that people who play lawn bowls put on their hands to give grip, it is called something like “grippo” maybe that is worth a try to?


(Quite the bump here :) )

Has anyone else tried the golf gloves as gripping aid?

I saw MX and an other lad had very good success with them, and that’s about it.

id like to know as well

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So to update on this, I have not found the leather golf glove particularly helpful , it may help me hold SO stretches for longer but that was not really a problem before. I am uncut though, I suspect cut guys would like them, but they should not have much problem with toilet paper or baby powder either.

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