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Stress and PE: Chill out and Grow

Stress and PE: Chill out and Grow

Hey, everyone. Most of us on this site are busy guys and have a busy schedule each day. It sometimes get hard to fit everything in a 24 hour day. This brings stress in our lives and sometimes depression. When I began consistent PE about a month and half ago, each day seemed like a tedious task. Five days a week, I attend college, workout, PE, and make time for my girlfriend. I often sit and think, “where is the time for me?”. I began to become stressed due to all of this. To top it all off, I was loosing my erection less than a minute into jelqing. Between each pumping set, it would take me up to 5 minutes to achieve an erection again to continue pumping. My sex drive was in the dumps. I was lucky to want to have sex once a week. So, about a week ago, I sat down and thought this out. Nearly everything in my day to day life stressed me out and I had to change this. The next morning when I woke up, I didnt rush to get ready to go to college. I took it easy. I didnt even think about all the things I had to do that day. I only thought about what I had to do at that moment.

On my drive college, instead of cussing at the person in front of me that was drive 5 miles under the speed limit, I simply enjoyed the ride and look at the mountains and relaxed. I took each class at a time and tried to enjoy the company of the people around me.

Later that night, when I pumped and jelqed, I didnt think about whether or not my penis was growing. I, instead, enjoyed the sensations. For the first time since I had started, I was able to maintain an erection while jelqing and pumping. I was thrilled!

I have used this attitude for the past week and my erections have stronger and I maintain them during PE. My dick actually appears to have grown some. Also, my sex drive is way up. I want to bone every chick I see now!

What Im trying to tell everyone is that I know life gets hard sometimes, but if you dwell on it, its only going to be harder. Enjoy each minute of each day and remember that everyday is a blessing and should never be viewed as a task. Thanks for reading my post, bro’s. Now PE and grow!!

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875

Wow, great post man. I had this exact same realization last week too! How weird!

You realize you have all these goals, all these commitments, all these things to do, but what does it all matter if you don’t enjoy a day of it or even on single moment?

If you live life stressed out what’s the point of working on your goals anyway?

Great post massive, I started doing this about 2 years ago. I had to because of anxiety problems I was having. And other mental problems. I would constantly be thinking about every part of my day, what am I going to say when I walk into class, what am I going to wear, how much gas do I have in the car? I learned to just chill out for the most part.

I hate driving with other people and they are freaking out because they can’t get into the fast lane right away. I’m always thinking dude chill out worst case we get to where we are going a few minutes later, lets enjoy the ride, besides its a great time to talk. And when I’m driving alone its a great time to just think about things and have time to myself. I don’t turn on the radio, except sometimes classic music played quietly.

I agree its really an epiphany when you realize how to view the world like this. It was very challenging for me to stop obsessing about the past to. I would think about mistakes I had made in the past and dwell on them. I forced myself to just say ok, that was a mistake but the positive side is you learned alot. That is how I view mistakes, learning experiences, I see bright things in everything. For years I had no girlfriend and wished I had one, I was lonely and often had no friends. But because of this I would just read a non fiction book, or watch a documentary. As I much enjoy these things. After years of this my understanding of things dwarfed anyone I knew of my age. I could speed read, and converse with anyone. I have had conversations with some of the richest people where I live, including one minister in the government. Long conversations about philosophy , management techniques, and international economics.

So I can look back and feel bad I didn’t act on the offers I had with girls for whatever reason, or I can say that has helped to make me the person that I am today. When I was asked by a friend don’t you wish you could just have back all the mistakes you made when younger, I said no I like what I learned, and I would keep the suffering to.

Your right as it relates to pe, as much as its good to dream, you have to take it one day at a time as well. And worrying why you aren’t getting a good hardon for exercising doesn’t help. Think of why you might be having trouble maintaining one and brainstorm reasons why that is. And if you still can’t find the reason, come here and ask other men what they do or what they think. Don’t worry if your cock doesn’t look longer from one day to the next, measure every few weeks and see the progress. If you aren’t making progress for a while examine possible reasons, talk with the pros, read some more, then make some changes.

Ezekiel 23

20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

Yeah stress levels have a bad effect on all your important functions like reproducing and growing. This is because in the “stone ages”, our bodies were geared for survival, warding off starvation, inclement weather and wild animals. When you stress out, it’s got the same effect on your system as a whole, although the survival measures aren’t really necessary. Damn pussy cavemen fuckin’ shit up in modern day!

thanks, guys. I’d like everybody to read my experience and then think about their day to day life and have the same realization that I had. I think that being stressed out alot actually stops or slows PE growth. I remember talking to YGuy on the PE chat a couple weeks ago and he has much of the same daily routine as I have (workout, college, and PE). He was real stressed about fitting all he had to do in that day. I remember thinking, “I know just how you feel”. I thought then that there really wasnt a way to change this stress, but there is. Its all mental. I think that PE has alot to do with our mental status. Think about how much your brain controls your body. For instance, if there is cold going around and you sit there and say “I’m going to get sick, there’s no way around it”, there’s probably a better possibility that you will get sick. For PE, if you dwell on everything else in the world, thats not encouraging your dick to grow. A stressed mind=a stressed body. If you relax and take all that stress away, this will take the stress from the mind, and thus eliminate it from the body. This is the attitude the penis needs to grow and the attitude to a healthy mind and body, period.

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875

This is a GOLDEN post massive! Well spoken dude! I try to have the same mindset as you but often I stress and tilts toward this mindset: “Well….if I just hurry up and get this done with it will be so good to finally do my other shit”. But just like you, I`m trying to just enjoy the moment and that really is the way to face life I think. But even though I can have such a mindset, it`s fucking frustrating sometimes when you have to cut off your friends and other hobbies because of PE. That`s my biggest problem, but I will have a big dick and good friends no matter what it takes:-) Yeah, Chill out and Grow! That`s my new slogan:p

Mighty good post, thanks :)

I agree and I think the most important part is emphasizing the sensations during PE. Great post!

I’ve always found that manuals and girth work are good for relaxing and relieving stress.


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