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How long do tanning lotions take to do their magic? I’d like to try using fake tanner, but I assume you’re somewhat greasy and stain-prone while the lotion is still on you. So how long do you have to wait before showering to allow the lotion to maximally bring out your pigment?

Depends on the brand/shade/type of toner. They come in so many varieties now, and even though the base ingredient is the same, I’ve found that they all differ somewhat. There’s a site that rates the tanning lotions, I think it’s like www.sunless.com or something. I think most recommend that you don’t shower or work up a sweat for at least an hour, but I get better results the longer I leave it on - sometimes overnight. If you get something with a bronzer, it is easier to apply without streaking, although it can get messy since the bronzer comes off. The cover will usually develop within a few hours and get to the optimum level in 4-6 hours or so.

I don’t like most of the crap at the drugstores, especially the drugstore/supermarket brand. The good ones I’ve tried are not greasy or smelly.

I’ve also tried going to the spray tan booths and those work well, but they’re not cheap. I paid about $20 for a visit, whereas I can get 20 mins in a tanning bed for around $10.

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