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Straightening penis.


Srtaighting penis.

Hey guys I was wondering if pe can straighten out the penis? Mine is curved to the side about 45 degrees and I wanted to make it less curved. Somehow I used to have it about 20-30 degrees but one day after pe It became worse, it was when I was doing erect bends. It is over a month now and my penis is still curved, I was thining to start pe again but this time take it real slow only manual stretching for first month and then adding some more exercises STAYING away from BENDS. I dont know what coused the curvature to be bigger then it used to be, I am not sure if it is pyronese or whatever you call it. I hate it this way and i want to make it as straight as it can be. I read it somewhere that some people fixed their curve by PE. IT took them long time like over a year but HEY i rather do it that long and fixing it then having what i have. My curve doesnt seem to be looking like a bend from one spot but more of a banana look. Guys anybody can help me out?

Mine hooks to the left a little bit.

kowal the same thing happen to me. Before PE i had a 100% straigt dick, but after a month or so i became this as you said banana look. It seem that one side developed (right CC) and the other not. What coused it I don’t know. I have been only streching and jelqing straight out, with equal force on both sides. Only logical explanation is that I was so excited about my bigger unit that i have masturbait a little more ( i had no girlfriend that time) much more. And as I was thinking back again what coused it a think It was the grip I hold my tool when I was masturbaiting. My conclusion is that that was helping to grow one side bigger.
It took me a lot of time and nerves to figure this out, but i think I found a solution, bacause my situation is geting better.
I start modificated jelqing ( trying to work mostly on the weaker side - so I put mostly one side presure) and masturbait the oposite way that I use to do. If you concentrate during masterbaiting and if your grip your unit in particular way, you will notice which side is more burden. The best indicator is the after flaccid look. If it is the weaker side more swollen then you have done it right.

Hope this will help you solve your problem.

kowal - You’ve asked this question at least three times.
First October 26, 2003
Second November 16, 2003

Why don’t you use the search button and look for “curve AND fix” or “curve AND jelq” or “curve AND hanging” to get some answers instead of starting new threads and asking again?

For those of you with severe curvatures, that is, the degree of bend interferes with sex, makes it painful, or causes you emotional upset, here is a link to a discussion of a promising, new surgical procedure which appears to be a relatively simple one. It causes no loss of penis length or desensitization, or for that matter, ED.

You may need to join MDLinx to access it, but that is free.

Most of these curves and bends are caused by plaque buildup just under the tunica. A wrong move during sex, an athletic injury you may even have forgotten, but usually some penile trauma causes them. They are really quite common and not usually something to bother with unless they become worse or interfere with your life.

Mild curves can be corrected by regular use of a vacuum pump within a fairly constricting cylinder. This takes months of slow and steady work. Some guys find that applications of vitamin E gel helps but that is no cure-all.



That is fantastic stuff. I have never heard of this procedure before. Anyone with a significant curve MUST read this article. Thanks a million Avocet.


I don’t know if many of you guys don’t understand what I and somebody else are trying to say, but thanks for hints and helps anyway. As I have understand most of the guys here with a curve don’t have a Peyronie’s disease, they just have one side a little bigger than other what couses twist of the penis. Just for that reason I certainly won’t go to a surgeon and other risky things.

And as I remember there is no real answer to this question so it is good that this disscusion is brougt out …again. I have read all posts related to the curved penis, but i haven’t find any real answer that would help me. Even more, I can say that none of those things mentioned on the posts related to the streightening the curve haven’t work for me. All of those posts are saying what might help, but only a few members are showing some success. I have spend almost nine months to solve my problem and I have try everything. I find out what helps for me and I see great improvement last two months.
So for that reason two months ago I couldn’t give any help, but now I maybe can.
The most important thing I have found out from this…: It is important what you do, but even more important is how you do it.

bell24.. I got the same problem you do. My penis was curved from the beginning but after 2 months of PE somehow it started curving even more I was only Jelqing no stretching. Now I am thinking of Stretching only hoping that maybe if i`ll stretch it at least my flacid will be straight. Also I was trying to isolate my weaker side by jelqing only the left side under pressure after 3 weeks ONLY top of my left side started to get bigger so now my left top of the side of penis is bigger then the right BUT still that didnt help because most of the curve starts from lower left side . It is very hard to isolate LOWER left side of the penis (lower meaning CLOSER to the body) it is very hard to jelq close to the body and only one side. NOW i will try to keep my penis to the right when erect about 70% and PREssure my left chambers with my fingers and moving it out from the close to the body to the middle. Trying to push the blod in that spot. I don`t know if that will help. I know i don`t have pyronese or whatever you spell it. It is just that , my left side is less developed and responds weeker to jelqing which causes even bigger CURVER when I pe because my right side responds better and gets bigger faster. I am trying to figure out what can help. I found one thing on the internet that suppose to be helping curvature. go check it out. .I don`t want to spend that much money on it tho.. You wrote that latelly you are doing something that is helping you what is it? Thanks

Exercise that reduces curvature?

Hey I know somebody will start telling me I posted simillar posts not so long time ago. But I was looking at some websites like who supposelly has some exercises which are ment to CORRECT the curvature. I was wondering since there are exercises like that on the NOT SO FREE websites. Maybe somebody here knows some exercises which can target one side more then the other in order to work out the weaker side? Thank you guys.

I’ve read that bends can correct the bend but I’ve always found bends kind of risky. Some also say that jelqing in the direction opposite of the bend can correct the bend. The latter is the method I use and I must say there is an improvement. Hope I’ve helped.


Re: Exercise that reduces curvature?

Originally posted by kowal
Hey I know somebody will start telling me I posted simillar posts not so long time ago… Maybe somebody here knows some exercises which can target one side more then the other in order to work out the weaker side? Thank you guys.

You’re right about being told. In fact, I moved your new (repeat) question into this slightly older thread.

A) Please do not start a new thread with this question again.

B) Use the search button (as I suggested above) and look for answers. Repeatedly asking the same question over and over can be a bit irritating to some.

C) If you post another thread with this question your ability to post may be limited.

The best way to correct bends is by bending against them. Erect bends aren’t that dangerous if you do them carefully, and they definitely work. I started out with a medium bananna bend, and now I’d say I’ve only got a slight one.

When PEing, do bends against the curve, but never with it - otherwise you’ll just make it worse. Make sure to include at least 5 minutes bending each workout, and you’ll notice a difference within 3 months.

I had a slight bend to the left which was easier to see after a little PE and since then I jelq to the right somewhat, like a swooping circular type of right jelq and it has straightened moreso for me. I also try to make sure my dick hangs to the right (boxers).

started 10/22/2003: BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.0" 4/12/2004 BPEL: 6.875" EG: 5.2" 30-min exercise workout and pills

Ladida you wrote that you are still PEing. What JELQS do you do wet/dry? And if so you wrote that after some PE your curve become more noticeable. And that lately it is getting better after circular type of jelq. I was thinking which hand to you jelq with? i was jelqing with the right hand and after a month of PE my penis started curving even more. I am scared of Jelqing again because I am thinking I will make my stronger side EVEN more expended and I will be even more curved. I am trying to figure out how can I workout only the weaker side. ANY IDEAS guys? I know it can take a long time to see results I DON`T care. What I care about is fixing my CURVE. I was thinking I am going to get 2 balloons and tape them together kind of like making the 2 chambers of penis and then trying to deflate one the left and see how is it that it curves and what way do I have to put the pressure on those 2 balloons to see the left one working out(expanding) better. I am going to see if that will show me something.

NOW : jan1-04 6.25x5.0 curve to the left about 40 degrees.

HOPE : 7x5.5 end of 2004 curve of 20 degrees or less.

I jelq with both hands, when jelqing with my right hand I try to kind of pull to the right a little bit, so the part of my hand that is on the right (fingertip and thumbtip) are kind of tugging a little bit right so more pressure goes on that side. When jelqing with my left hand I just do a normal jelq, but push out to the right a little bit. When doing ulis and horse440’s I alternate hands.

It still curves left a little, but not as much so I am happy. Another thing to try would be while doing a hot wrap you can wrap it around and after wrapping around you can twist the cloth and it will twist your dick. When you let go you actually watch it uncoil. This may or may not help, I don’t know. I just recently noticed this and haven’t tried it.

started 10/22/2003: BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.0" 4/12/2004 BPEL: 6.875" EG: 5.2" 30-min exercise workout and pills

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