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stopping pe

stopping pe

have any of you gone a long period of time without doing pe excersizes and still maintained their added size?

I’m new to this so sorry if this is a dumb question

Welcome to the forums, airforceones111! I haven’t stopped PE so I can’t really answer your question, but this qoute from Bib’s history thread could help. You might not get many replies to this question because a lot of the guys that have stopped PE probably stopped posting here too (I’m assuming).

Originally posted by Bib
Permanency, future

Since starting PE, I have worried about this issue. I don't worry much anymore since reading of Sean's experience and thinking about it a little. In my case, it would seem to be like trying to put biscuit dough back in one of those cardboard containers. If I stopped PE completely; no milking, nothing, I would expect to lose a little simply from decreased health. I would not mind losing some even on a maintenance program which I intend to continue. It would be irrelevant.

I do not wish to gain any more length, and little if any girth. I do believe some work is needed for some abstract length of time to “cement” gains. A poor analogy would be: if you stretch a rubber band one time, it snaps back with little loss of integrity. If you stretch it constantly, it eventually will lose much elasticity, become longer, and become unable to return to it's former shape. My wife does not want any more length, but would not mind a little more girth.

I began PE in February 2003. I did my routine religiously for three months. I had to stop because of limited time and a change at work that kept me away from home many nights of the week. During the first three months I gained 1/4” per month. It’s now been four months without PE and I’ve lost only 1/4” of the 3/4” I gained. Losses do occur. That’s why guys who improve their size with PE usually go on a “maintenance program” of once a week jelqing or pumping. Read this post by supersizeit concerning his gains/losses.

I stopped pe a few months ago due to an injury, and I lost my gained length. I missed the board, so I dropped in to say hello.

This is not a dumb question.

I PE’d for almost 3 years, gained 2.5”L and 1”G. I stopped because of an injury. I lost approximately 1”L and 1/2”G. I’ve been doing less intense PE sessions lately and have gained back 1/2”L, but I haven’t measured my girth recently.

If you do a search on “JAPP” you’ll find my complete bio containing more information.


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