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Stop that horse


Stop that horse

Ok, I have seen some guys who were perfectly fine that wanted to enlarge their penis. I don’t have a penis so I can’t say what a good size is to a man. So what is a good size and when is too much enough? What makes one decide that they need that “added support”? Has anyone ever gotten to the point where they said “oops”? Just curious. Sorry if it has been asked before, I am new ya know.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

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Hey Anna,

See it didn’t take very long at all, 10 posts in no time. BTW, I moved your posts out of the FAQ Forum. That is for questions that have already been answered. And you are asking some questions that haven’t.

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AAHHhhh - you see, Anna, THAT’S the reason we enjoy and welcome the presense of a woman in this group - YOU can tell US what YOU consider “perfectly fine”!

As men, we’re constantly told that women “want their sex partners to have bigger penises” or that they are unsatisfied with their husband’s or boyfriend’s penis size - SOME of us would like to hear comments directly from a female’s point of view - NOT from some outfit trying to SELL us something we might not NEED!

Obviously personal opinions vary - *I* am turned off by breasts that are seriously out of proportion in relation to the rest of the gal - other guys might disagree!

So, what size penis have YOU found to be “perfectly fine” - and does that differ significantly for what you’d REALLY choose to slip under the covers with for maximum thrills?


Anna, most of us would LOVE to have a woman say “oh no… it’s just TOO big!” Alas, most of us would be VERY happy to be considered bigger than average. There are a few on this and other boards that would definitely qualify… bib has to be one, I will let him tell his wifes reaction and ultimatum!

And yes, I believe that once a guy realizes that he can ACTUALLY increase the size of his equipment, the habitual nature of human kind does kick in.


It seems when most people reach there goals they post less and less so it’s hard to say if they stop at there goal size. I always wanted to be 8x6 I always thought that was the pefect size now I have gotten to 7.75x6 and I doubt I will be able to stop at 8x6 I’m thinking more along the 8nbp x 6.5.

Also welcome to the board, it’s nice to have a honest point of view from another female.



Thanks for the answer…that is exactly what I wanted to know. And thanks for the welcome.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar


I don’t think what a woman feels is the perfect size is really what should count. What should count is what YOU as the man who has the penis, thinks is a good size. A woman should accept a man as a whole and if she can’t she was not worthy, vice versa.

But since this IS again a society that focuses on what society finds acceptable than on what the individuals really find acceptable. That is why commercials do so well. It base its ideas on the thought that people will buy this or that it because THEY said it is worthy etc. That is why some people get things they THOUGHT they wanted and find out it was not what they wanted afterall.

My “perfect” size would be 8” maybe 7-8”. It is visually pleasing and it feels good too. I base this on three men I assumed was that length based on what I have measured before and a guess. Once again, it was the technique that really got me, I believe, than the size itself. The ideal size to me is 6 1/2 on up.

Oh, and girth is a definite plus.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Not enough

I really wonder if you truly believe that a woman saying that your penis is too big will always be a turn on. Think off all the sex you WON’T be getting…lol. What is too big to you?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

HMMmmm - the subject of “technique” comes up often - I’ve even used it myself - but doubt that most men have a clear understanding as to what GOOD sexual technique is - and it likely differs from one female to another as well…

So, what do YOU mean by “good technique”, what position or physical action “turns you on”? In discussions with other women, is there any clear common agreement on the subject? We fellas are aware of the often expressed value for more foreplay and affection - kissing, etc., to accompany sexual activity, but I am referring more directly to the actual physical act of sex - what can YOUR sex partner physically do to you during sex that you find most stimulating?

AND, DW - don’t just stand back there watching join in and give Anna a hand - you other gals too - we need MORE data! We fellas not only want larger equipment - we ALSO want to be able to use it as effectively as possible!



It could be the mood I am in or the setting. It all varies as far as feeling the best during sex to me. Plus I know what is gone for me is not good for others. The most effective position is me on my side. He is on his knees. One leg is in between his legs the other is on his shoulder. For some reason I climax faster and better in that postion. As well as me on top. Like to have sex in the lazy boy with music and candles. It all varies, but he can never fail there.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

7-8, eh?

2 to go… 2 to go…

As for the sex in the lazy boy, rules, doesn’t it? :)

My wife admitted recently to fantacising about having sex with her on my lap, facing me, while I’m seated on a kitchen-type chair… Here again we come to the issue of length - when seated in such a position, I would have a VERY difficult time presenting enough length to penetrate her very far… If I had my dreamed of 8 inches, maybe, but currently - doubtful!

The Lazyboy sounds interesting, but leaves lots of unanswered questions - do you face each other, or she sits on your lap facing AWAY from you? I’ve seen it illustrated both ways…

With my bad back, *I* would like to try it with my wife on an elevated surface, about table height, with her on her back, legs up, perhaps legs/knees over my shoulder, and me standing on the floor fully upright fully inserted - would seem MUCH easier on my back, but provides very little physical closeness other than hip level - great sex perhaps, but not particularly romantic.

Unfortunately, my wife isn’t much for experiments - and when we tried a few times with us both on our sides and her back to me, she didn’t like “doggy style”… So she probably also wouldn’t like being on her knees, butt in the air, while I REALLY try doggy style - tho again, it would seem easier on my back…


The way I’ve done it, is with the lazy boy in reclined position, me reclined, her on top.

Was pretty damn cool. :)

Anna, not so much a turn on as an ego thing. At 6 foot tall, 190 pounds I am not a huge man but am bigger than average. Weight training for 33 of my 41 years has given me substantial strength and muscle size. This all made my (previous to PE) 5.25x4.4” penis look out of place. Flacid size was also an issue although after reading some of the other guys reports my 2” previous size could have been worse. I am now 6.25x4.75 with a 3.5” flacid size (often 4-4.5 but 3.5 is true flacid). MUCH improved but FAR from impressive. I tend to agree with another comment here that 8” seems like PLENTY. In fact more length would mean in many/most cases that I could not completely bury my dick in a woman.

As far as the technique questions go: Every woman is different. Some can reach vaginal only orgasm others must have direct and consistant clitoral stimulation. I even had one woman tell me that anal sex was the most effective at giving her an orgasm though I don’t personally care too much for giving it, I like vaginas better :) She did mention that once orgasm was reached she wants it OUT (hahaha)

Now, even with my previous substandard equipment I was able to bring most of my ladies to orgasm by angling my penis so that it applied pressure to the G spot. Also, a woman gave me the new book by Barbara DeAngelis titled “What Women Want Men to Know”. Highly recommended reading for any man wishing to add pleasure (sexual and emotional) to the woman in his life. Darn good reading for women as well! Has some very good technique info.


I’m about to go to bed, so I dunno when you will reply.

I don’t understand your question. What size do YOU like?

Most women, with some comparative experience, seem to prefer the 8-9 inch range, but 7 is good and comfy.

There is NO doubt, however, that girth is better than length, but Anna I don’t have a pussy so all I know is the look in their eyes.

Girth comfort depends on the size of the vagina just as it does for length. A thick dick is hard to beat, all else the same, because it rubs up against your clit better, more friction.

What’s your biggest? I guess you read my measurments. There are some women, however, who PREFER small dicks. I killed my second wife, an oriental.


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