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Still on the back burner

Still on the back burner

guess this PE stuff is pretty addictive because I must think of more times a day than think of sex! And the same a man thinks of sex every 7 seconds (well, more or less).

Anyway, hope you are all progressing well….I’m not going through the best of times business wise - working my butt off but not yeilding results. Will probably close down early next year and move abroad.

So, until mid October there is no PE for me, no times for forum, or really anything else for that matter.

keep smiling and keep jelqing ;)



Hey Guiri,

Glad to hear from you! Sorry to hear about the business though. Where are you thinking of relocating??

BTW, we should still be here in mid-October. :D You’ll have about 10,000 unread posts by then, that will give you something to do while you are hanging.

Take care of yourself in the meantime.

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Hey Guiri

It must be Telepathy or something… This very minute I thought I haven’t seen your name here for a long time (I always enjoy your posts) and decided to look up your name and there came this post!

Sorry to hear things did not turn out as you planned, I guess it’s not because you PE’d at work is it? :)

I wish you best of luck, and hope you overcome all difficulties soon, we all miss your input here.

ù ì å í



Sorry about your buisiness, times are tuff all over. I’m also hoping for better times. Hang tuff Bro


Miss your posts and your humor. They always have good content.

Hope the shift goes well. Look at this as an opportunity and it likely will be.



Thanks guys

I have lived and worked in several countries (the States being one of them) having left NZ when I was 21, and the most part of the last 10-11 years have been spent in Spain. I have a couple of language schools and translation agencies, but the real problem isn’t the business as such but the location.

So the decision has been made and I’m uprooting and taking my family to live in NZ. Any person who has a foreign spouse will understand what problems that will bring about, especially considering that the two countries are not exactly near (we’re talking some 36 hours travelling time from where I am, re-fuelling stopovers included).

But I’ll still be around at Thunder’s place. The wonders of Internet.

And come October I hope to be back into hanging again.



Hang in there (pun intended). We all wish you the best of luck.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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