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Maybe it would help if the links were exported into an .html file for download so that others could import it into their browsers? Would save on continually resurrecting this thread. People like free downloads :lisa: .



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Good stuff here

Whatever happened to this ‘favorites’ feature that ThunderSS speaks about in post # 1 of this thread? My only guess is this function has since been changed to the ‘subscribe’ function - would this be a correct assumption?

I really liked the idea of being able to check out other people’s ‘favorite’ threads, but it seems this function may no longer be around.

You will find it under

Smallja -> Favorites

Actions -> Add to Favorites (in each thread) (( though this may change soon ))

And in every post of everyone sharing their favorites (the button marked favorites).

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Thanks Mem,

I learn something new about these forums every day it seems! Very useful feature.

How can one go about sharing their favorites? I just did a test by favoriting a thread, then went to Smallja—>Favorites. There I found text saying ‘Currently your favorites are not shared, Share your favorites by clicking the link.’ I clicked the hyperlink provided but it took me to a blank page, and upon refreshing my posts I still have no cool ‘favorites’ button like you.

Maybe the function is just temporarily offline? Or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks for the Bug Report. It works now.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.


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