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Stetching / tugback

Stetching / tugback

I was stretching the other day and flexed the BC while stretching and it tugged back. I read the LoT theory and understand alot of people think it’s a botched theory, but i couldn’t help but wonder if stretching the BC can cause a length gain as well. I Don’t know how the BC mucsle attaches to the penis so i’m not sure if it can even help gains or not, but assuming the BC muscle pulls the penis back in a bit. Couldn’t stretching it alow the penis to hang out more?

The bulbocavernosus (also called, more correctly, the bulbospongiosus) muscle surrounds the bulb of the penis. The bulb is the inner end of the corpus spongiosum. The glans is at the other end. The CS has a weaker tunica for most of its length and none at the glans end, so it is not a high pressure system like the corpora cavernosa are. Length gains are generally had by expanding the tough tunica of the CC when partially erect or by pulling on the ligaments and all penis tissues while flaccid. You couldn’t stretch just the BC and stretching the CS system by itself wouldn’t give much length because that mostly comes from the CC during PE exercises.

See: Locating the bc muscle for illustrations of the BC muscle.

So, back to my question: If flexing the BC pulls the penis inward, couldnt stretching while flexing the BC allow it to hang out more?


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