Stealth PE - don't waste these opportunities!

Don’t pass up an opportunity to do some “stealth PE.” Everytime I go to the toilet I do a bit of PE and I believe it reinforces my morning workout. When no one is around I do this at the urinal. I grab my unit by the head, stretch it out hard and rotate it 360 degrees slowly…like an airplane propellar. I do this 5-10 times pulling real hard first onme direction and then another. If no one has eneterd yet I do some V-stretching. I pee a lot (getting older and I drink a lot of water while bodybuilding) and so I end up doing this about 10 times a day. Every little bit helps. You could do a lot more in a stall without worry that someone will see. I always do major stretches while sitting on the commode. And I do these things a few times a day in the closet at work. Just a thought for you guys to consider. MXL