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State your Opinon....Progression or more is better.

State your Opinon....Progression or more is better.

The question is simple,say you had 1 hour to do Pe for 3 months straight,
would you start out at 15/20 minutes and add time till you fill in the whole hour,or would you pe the whole hour,from the beginning till the end of the 3 months(Though if you were a beginner an hour would be rough,but lets just presume your not a beginner).

Do you guys feel more is better,or progression is key,IF YOU COULD only pick one?

Also,do you have a specific reason why you beleive in this?

beginners vs non-beginners

I you weren’t a beginner, you would already have your routine worked out and would be sticking to it…let it be 15min or 60.

If we compare it to weightlifting (yes, two different fields), once you are at a max weight, what do you do? You can’t increase, can you?

Maybe a month strength, a month stamina etc, changing execises, number of reps etc.

It goes without saying that more is better, jelqing for 15mins is better than 5, however there must be some point where it is too much.

30 mins? 60 mins? 2 hours?

How long do you spend and why don’t you go longer?


Since I don’t jelq I cannot address that issue directly. However, I can put in a penny’s worth.

Is progression better than jumping right in? Well, think of it this way, would you start out training for a marathon by running 26 miles? Or if you were weightlifiting, would you start out at your top weight? Probably not, unless you are sadistic. You have to build up to the final goal.

Same principles apply here, or at least I think they do. You are training your penis to be bigger. And unless you want it to be sore with thrombosised veins, and possibly blood where you don’t want blood, you might be better off to increase your time until you have your penis in better shape so to speak.

In Physical therapy, we work our patients up to the end goal. Start out at one weight and increase on a weekly basis. With PE, you should try jelqing and whatnot for 15 to 20 minutes and then increase time by 5 minutes weekly until you are at an hour. This way there is no chance of damage. And if you read some of the responses here, guys have injured themselves by going to hard to fast.

Anyway, that is my penny’s worth, I took out taxes.

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I am not certain that time matters much after a certain point. There is probably an amount of time that one must remain overly engorged for enough controlled damage to occur and pave the way for gains, but beyond that, I’ll wager more doesn’t do much good for you.

Rather, I believe intensity is the key to growth in manual exercises. I doubt I will ever go beyond 30 minutes (which I feel to be “that point” for me), however the intensity has steadily been increased.

Hanging is a different story of course. Everybody has their opinion about hanging, but the one thing that is generally agreed upon is that more weight is better.

You guys completely missed what I mean.
I am not a beginner,and this is not a question to help me,just want your opinion.

Ill try to explain it better….
Lets say(A)Has been PEing for 6 months,and just embarked on a great exercise that realy gives him a pump.Because he is a veteran,the exercise will not do harm to him,even if he does it for hours.
Now for the next 3 months,he will have exactly an hour a day(though he will be resting)to do his pe exercise.
Do you feel it would be better for him to
1=Start at 20 mins the first month,
40 mins the second month,and 60 the 3rd month
2=Start with the 60 minute routine, and finish with the 60 minute routine.
Keep in mind,that he would not hurt himself,if he decided to start with the 60 minutes.D0 you beleive his gains would be better with the longer workout,since his member would get the maximum workout possible(with his time frame) or start with the 20,and beleive when he starts with the 40,because the workout would be twice as long,then the rewards would be better,then just starting with 60 minutes.

Once again,this question is not directly towards me,as I have a routine.I dont need help with a routine.Also,for the person that said they did not jelq,though I did not mention jelqing,a specific exercise is not important.
Its basicly put,Do you guys look at pe almost like Bodybuilding,where progression is better,or if you have an hour to workout,then workout an hour,not 30 minutes….
Do you guys get it now?

Also lets just say that you cannot make the exercise more intense,so you either use all your time with the exercise,or cut it short,and progress later.

In some respect PE is analogous to bodybuilding - you work with increasing loads/intensity/time to gain. If you worked at the same level every time I’m not sure that you would see a great deal of growth over 3 months unless you were still experiencing fatigue at the end of your workouts. If you could work for 60 mins the first month without risk of injury then I’m not sure that the second and third months would produce significant results - ligs toughen and the penis becomes accustomed to the work out - you would probably plateau.

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Something has to increase over time in order to continue gaining length or girth (or muscle mass, or whatever). Something has to increase, be it length of time or intensity. Thus, my answer that I think either one would be fine as long as the intensity increased as well.

Then again, if the intensity was increasing, progression of time wouldn’t be necessary. In my eyes, lengthening the period time per day that one does PE may really not be very necessary until you’ve reached a point at which you cannot safely increase intensity any longer.

Who knows though?

I think there could definitely a grain of truth in the idea that starting too intensely may toughen the ligaments and interfere with future gains. Progression in intensity and time seems the safest way to go in all aspects.

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