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Hi guys.

I am new to this forum…first i wanna congratulate to whoever made this site…THANK YOU :) )…i am thinking about PEing, and am about to start for the first time in my life…my measurements are length 5’5 and girth about 5’5….my goal is 7-7’5 lenght and 6’ grith…( is that reasonable ???)…I reaseareched this site, and other forums, and i think i know a little to start…my problem is that i am affraid i am gonna gain too much in grith…i’d like to keep within my goal that i said before…
can anyone simply outline a plan for me that i should follow??please :)

and also…my head i sad looking one…no mushroom at all….any exervcise that is for that and that works??..

please guys help me//…
the more i read about it the more confused i get

thank a lot

Welcome aboard

And I wouldn’t be worried about gaining too much girth just yet. I wish it was that easy, but most guys find it easier to gain length than girth. And length gains do not happen overnight either.

Take things calmly, be prepared to do the work, and there’s a good chance you’ll see results. But don’t become discouraged if you don’t gain too soon. For every fast gainer, there are probably 50 slow gainers.

good luck.


Yep, like he said…and …BIG and here…do not expect this to be a short term endeavor. Unless you’re one of the VERY FEW who gain all they want in a few months…this will be an investment of time and effort. You wont have to be dedicated to your penis 24/7 but, you’ll have to develop a set routine that you’ll stick with and do as close to diligently as possible. This takes time usually…even if you’re one of the fortunate few who works from his home and has practically all day to PE…even then you’ll have to have dedication. First step is decide what you want most…length or girth…then study the personal routines areas here and on the site (sister site to this one) and come up with a program of your own. Use some sort of workout log to track what you do daily and your progress. Take starting measurments and maybe even for your own records “before” pics. Just some pointers…I’m no PE guru but, I’ve been around for a couple years now and have a decent feel of what works.


I’m also new to this forum. I’m currently on my 6th week of PE. I am 21 years old, and my stats are 5.75 x 5. My goal is to be at least 8 x 7. That’s all for now. :)


7 girth!

Maybe you should read the girth threads in DW’s forum. Basically the conclusion is at 7”girth you could say goodbye to BJ’s.

Thats not saying I wouldn’t mind a 7”girth though..:chuckle: .good luck with your endeavour!


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