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Starrted Hanging!

Starrted Hanging!

This past Monday I began hanging. I have two hangers: 1) the Captian’s Wrench that I made with the instructions on this site 2) the Bib Starter Hanger. My expereince thus far has been great. I haven’t had the chance to really try to adjust the Bib, so I tried the Captian’s Wrench first. I was amazed at the ease on getting it on and how it works. I have been using 5lbs. I haven;t even used the clamp around it as it stays on without it. I think once I begin moving up I will have to. No pain, no problems, I love it.

As I write this, I am wearing my Bib. Wife is gone so I have some privacy. Thus far, so good. Took a few minutes to adjust, but it seems to be working great. Hanging 5 lbs. Nice and snug! I can even walk around some if need be. Think I am going to love it, especially as I go up in weight!

I will be keeping detailed records and I will let you know the success in four to five months.

By the way, I am fifty, and I am hoping my ligs will stretch easier!

They both work,

I look forward to hearing about your success in 4 or 5 months. :)

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Good luck with the hanging if you go over 5 with wench you will need to clamp.

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