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standing up vs sitting/laying down

standing up vs sitting/laying down

I find that standing up gives me a much fuller, fatter and better erection, be it banging a chick or doing a hardcore jelq session.. anyone else find this? Thanks alot,


Makes perfect sense. It is easier for the heart to pump blood down than up…

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Hmm.. maybe laying down was not the intended way to have sex.. like back a long time ago before society hit.. also another random fact, apparently the reason human babies aren’t as intelligent as other animals babys is because ever since the human stood up, the babys been in the wrong position which effects its brain somehow (apparently..!)


Try sitting at the very edge of the chair, almost like standing just a lot easier. You could also a very small step and sort of get down on your knees and rest your butt on the step.

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I find the best position for getting full for jelq is sitting, if my erection goes to high I stand for several strokes till it goes down enough.

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The position has some kind of effect… try to follow me here even though I don’t know where I’m going…

okay. You’re sitting down jelqing and it feels one way… then when you stand up, do you feel a difference? Like a “valve” or something closes? It’s hard to explain the feeling. I’m able to build up more pressure doing a Uli while standing because of this. What physiological phenomenon causes this? Maybe I’m just imagining it, but if anyone else notices this, chime in.

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