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Squirt distance indicates PC muscle stregth?


Maybe a narrow urethra is the key to impressively powerful distance shots.

At least that’s what Hank Hill tells me.

I think that is a major key, Kawaihae.



I don’t seem to shoot any distance no matter what I do, bin exercising the bc for a while now with no increase in distance, just a dribble out the end!!

Good though as it means I don’t have to play hunt the spunk to avoid embarrassing moments when parents may ask what those marks on the wall are..

Would like to spunk distance some times though. Does it mean men who spunk distance have better orgasms?? More power = more intense contractions = more intense orgasms?

Originally Posted by Kawaihae
Maybe a narrow urethra is the key to impressively powerful distance shots.

At least that’s what Hank Hill tells me.

Yea if I squish or hold it really tight then its like the hosepipe effect and it sprays out at high speed :swimmer: :surf:


Last night just before I ejaculated I pulled the skin back narrowing the urethra and it sure did shoot. I suggest you try it.

Originally Posted by mravg

I think distance is not related to PC strength.

You can contract your PC while ejaculating with more force than the involuntary contraction, and it doesn’t improve distance, in my experience. Maybe it has more to do with contraction SPEED, than contraction strength. The idea is to maximize the speed of the fluid, which could be accomplished by forcing the same volume through your “tube” in a shortened period of time. Imagine squeezing a turkey baster bulb. It is not how hard you squeeze, but how fast you squeeze. The diameter of your tube, or hole, is also a factor. I can shoot much farther than normal just by squeezing my head to restrict the opening during ejaculation. This also increases the fluid velocity.

More fluid +

Higher pressure (from faster contraction, or more full gland) +

smaller hole +

lower viscosity

= more distance.

I think this is a resonable theory. I have a larger hole, less fluid, more viscosity, and I don’t shoot worth a crap. I’ll try the head squeeze to see if this makes a difference for me.


Hoo, boy, quite a bump here. Sorry. Sizemeister, have you experimented with this? Any results? I too have a dribbly ejaculation and it’s the one thing I’d like to improve about my penis.

I don’t know, for me it all comes down to how long I have been going for. If I come in like a few minutes it will just dribble. But if I have been going for 1 hour +, ESPECIALLY if I haven’t came for a day or 2 or have been drinking lots of water it will really shoot out with some force, probabaly travelling close to 2 metres.

This is rather confusing to me. Not only is there a huge variance with overall ejaculate distance, but a huge variance in HOW these people get the distance.

Yet no matter what I try, I just dribble. I need to perfect closing the end of the urethra, though.. Hopefully, that will help.

I do think the BC muscle condition does have something to do with it. When I was training my BC muscle, I could shoot insane distances, usually 3-4 feet. A few months after I stopped, I was lucky to get 2 feet.

Is there a relationship between PC muscle condition and urinating strength/distance?

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I shoot long when it has been a long time since the last time I shot — that’s the main determinant of how long my shot goes — how long it has been since I last shot.


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