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Squeeze tool???

Squeeze tool???

Hi all. Been a while since my last post. I’ve recently started back with the PE and have started having trouble being able to squeeze the ol snake for my girth routine. I just can’t squeeze it hard enough or for very long. Weak grip I guess. Just wondering has anyone seen any type of common hand tool that might be effective for squeezing. I’ve seen some soft grip pliers
that I think may work, but before I spend any money I thought I would check with you guys first. The soft grip pliers have a rubber semi circular insert where the teeth of the pliers would normally be and look promising. I know the pliers thing sound insane, but I’m just not getting a good enough grip. I’ve been at this for a couple of years and my wanker is well conditioned for heavy squeezing (within reason of course). I’ve seen Bib’s Uli thing and it just won’t work because I lose my erection before I can get it clamped down.


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The mechanical advantage offered by tools makes it easy to transfer more force than you realize and you could definitely injure yourself even if the teeth are covered with rubber. You might want to look at this thread and see if it gives you any ideas.

Before you completely clamp down your Uli thing (bib’s, hoseclamp or cableclamp) you have to let it work as a cockring. Have it only clamp a little so blood can come in but not much can come out. Then just check some porn and when your fully erected clamp it all the way.

Cableclamps are the way to go, you can shape them to your dick by taping the inside and it goes on and off easily…so I’ve heart.

Do you have a picture of the pliers?

Get the multi clamp. Works great. look in the RV section under sewer hoses. Or do a search for multi clamp.

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How does that multi-clamp work?

Thanks guys.

I knew it would pay off asking you guys first. The cable clamp looks like a winner. I’ll give it a try. The pliers I found were on ebay in the hand tools section……….


I’ve been searching some time for a ratcheting strap wrench. If I find one, I believe it will be the ultimate uli thing tool.

I’ve found strap wrenches in smaller sizes that would be perfect, but unfortunately they don’t ratchet.

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