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Squat Stretch



This is awesome! Even for those of us with a low LOT

Thanks gprent :D

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Goal: 7.5 x 6


Originally Posted by gprent
This is a stretch that I think just does a fantastic job and you can really feel it work. It combines a great stretch with a bit of a workout and flexibility.

Stand with your feet about shoulder width, get a two hand stretch grip on your cock and pull straight down. Now, while constantly stretching downward, go into a slow squat down, hold for a few seconds at the bottom and then stand back up, all the while stretching down. Repeat for a count of 5 squats, 10 if you can.

I find that if I am going to get a “lig pop” it happens at the bottom of the squat. Also, as you are standing back up, you will really feel the pull in a wide area at the base of your cock.

If you find the head of your cock touches ground at the bottom of the squat, just stretch more rearward, toward your heals.

Don’t blow this stretch off until you try it. You will feel the stretch at the base of your cock like never before and get a bit of a leg workout in the process.

Has anybody tried this one, but instead of pulling straight down, pull it BTC with one hand?
This also gives a REALLY good stretch-feeling!

I normally won’t nekro reply an old thread, but I know the OP is still active and wondering what his thoughts on this stretch is still with more years experience?

I’ve over the year’s messed with this. I find stretching in a squat much more intense. I’d also stretch while squatting and get Ligament pops.

This is pretty similar to the sumo stretch that is alive and well on this forum made popular by xenolith


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