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spongiosum question

spongiosum question

I am noticing my corpus spongiosum responding faster than my corpus cavernosum. All three get a great pump after jelqs and squeeze jelqs, but the CS seems to keep the pump longer and is having faster growth gains. I look really thick from the side, but straight on, I look the same. My CC has some serious veins popping out now, but the growth seems slower.

Anyone else have this?

BTW, the CS is the bottom or underneath third of the penis where the urethra passes through. The CC are the two on each side.


The CS does appear to be softer and more pliable than the CC’s and is good for a bit of extra girth.

Be careful with it however, the urethra is not terribly strong and you could rupture it.

As to the CC’s, just keep at it! They’re slower to expand but it does happen, certainly.

I think a lot of people use a jelq grip biased toward pressure on the side to increase the growth of the CC.

I am trying “DLD bends” I think they’re called, getting a good grip around the base at about 70% erect, and slowly bending it to the left, then right, putting all the pressure on the CC. I feel a serious stretch and get a temporary pump, but again, the quickest gains are coming from the CS.


>I am trying “DLD bends” I think they’re called

Yeah Sadsaks Slinky’s are great. He came up with those around the time you started PE’ing probably :) (maybe before).

I’ve used a modified Sadsak Head Exercise which has a good punch on the CC. Ignoring the mirrored hands bit, with a 60%+ overhand base grip, kegel in more blood and then close the fingers one by one.

The Horse440 also seem to put good pressure on the CC without much impact on the CS with the right grip.

memento, that’s close, but no cigar. I don’t do the “slinky” move he is talking about. It’s just a slow bend in the middle with a strong OK grip at the base. Up, down, left, right. I move the bend towards the base, middle and the head, but each is a seperate bend with no moving or slinky motion at all. I’ll just call them “Bends” from now on.

And no, it’s not before I started PE, since I have been doing it on and off “part time” since around 1985 while in college, the nearest I can figure. I did jelqs before dates to get that pump and was edging like a mojo. I just got full time “serious” about it around the summer of 1999, right before I went to Disney before their 2000 millennium celebration. (I note a bit of sarcasm on your part about both issues, but I’ll let it slide.) ;)


I do Sadsaks Slinky’s now and then and they’re great!

I find they’re excellant to do dry (don’t need any lube) because your not trying to slide along the shaft.

Just goes to show that everything has probably been done before.

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